Saturday, May 6, 2017

First YAC Meeting 2017-2018: Fedex Time: Strategic Planning: YAC Officers 2017-2018

Agenda by Safra and Marian
Robert's Rules of Order
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1:00 PM
Mrs. Clay shared Suggested Agenda and Robert's Rules of Order with Co-Vice-Presidents

 Suggested Agenda approved by Mariam and Safra
a. Old Business: GYSD, NVW, PSA Breakfast, Rain Barrel Feedback

b. New Business: 
-Active Seniors YAC breakfast, 
-Senior Send Off
- 8th Grade S-L/YAC Orientation, 
-First Item of Strategic Planning for 2017-2018
*Officers 2016-2017
-Items from the Floor: Aaron, Ellie 

c. Next Meting Date/Agenda and Adjournment

1:10 PM

Agenda for 5/9/2017 Meeting: Minutes by Malavika and Mrs. Clay

1. Call to order:  Marian and Safra started the Meeting started at 1:15 pm.  

2. Roll call: Attendance taken by Mrs. Clay
Juniors: Safra and Miranda
Sophomores: Ellie, Claire, Hannah  (Katherine, Anna, and Sahanya confirmed their desired officer position via text or in person at Monday meeting)
Freshmen: Aaron, Malavika (Ahmed came after school, Saadia sent text)

3. Old Business   
Feedback/reflection on May Activities
The May activities were good and enjoyable for the ones who were able to participate  The PSA breakfast and the way the ceremony was done should be repeated. GRACIAS to Safra, Marian, Isaiah and Mi'Angila for facilitating the chapel recognition and to Symon and Mrs. Derick for the performance and photo.  Sage also did a wonderful job with the food at the lowest possible cost.

The only regret was that the PSA was not during NVW. For NVW 2018, we should have in mind connections to teachers interest because their collaboration made the Tai Chi and Heritage Weaving successful.  Special thanks to Gabrielle and Mallory for a very successful GYSD OKC Hands Project, over $4,800 sent in Bezos Foundation matching for decorated uplift from poverty hands.  Thank you also to Jake and Cathy for organizing a great Earth Day Street Clean-Up through the Environmental Club.  Thank you to the YAC Hospitality Chairs for making NVW decisions, to Gabrielle and Hallie for helping make the goodie bags and to Sahanya for helping set-up the breakfast and for bringing the idea of rain barrel advocacy art as well as purchasing supplies.  Arigato! to Mr. Swenson for helping us change plans when the rain barrel paint did not work and for going to get more appropriate supplies.  Finally, special thanks to Mrs. Pardue for continuing advocacy art on the rain barrel intended for Peace Week 2017 and to Centennial High School for sending 1100 decorated hands with us.

4. New Business
a. Senior send off decisions: YAC Thank you items for seniors/Breakfast
All officers decorated "thank you" items for the seniors who were in positions of YAC leadership this year during the meeting.  Claire will make sure final touches come from pictures by Monday's meeting.  Claire started her selection from bulletin board, blogs and maybe this PP with pictures of all activities done during the year, which Mrs Clay will send all YAC as the last official e-mail of the year tomorrow morning.

We asked Claire (STUCO connection) if we could link the senior send off to the Walk-A-Thon in some unobtrusive form.  What is the senior send off?  Thank you senior celebration  for service to the Casady and OKC community.  Done when all seniors have finished the requirement. We still have 4 seniors serving this week and we expect everyone to be finished by Monday.  The senior send off activity will be finalized at Monday, May 13 meeting at 7:30 at Harper.

Mrs. Clay and Father Blizzard (he will not be able to attend because of Early Morning Eucharist) are hosting a thank you breakfast for Miranda, Isaiah, and MiAngila at Jimmy's Egg at 7:00 am on 5/10/2017.  The day was chosen by Isaiah since that is the day of his senior chapel speech.  The 2017-2018 Planning Team (Executive Board) was invited to attend, if schedules permit it.

b. 8th grade Requirement for Graduation/YAC introduction
When: Thursday, May 11, 1:10 (Activities)
Where: 8th grade area, second floor McClendon Building
Who: Mrs. Clay and YAC 2017-2018 Planning Team
Why: Need to start doing service during summer.  Recruit new YAC members and freshmen for the Planning Team 2017-2018
New officers are checking schedules.

c. First item of Strategic Planning: Officers 2017-2018 (Planning Team-Executive Board

- First Strategic Planning Decisions regarding officers

President: Works with VP (Has to have been in YAC for at least two years.  Seniors or Juniors)
Vice-President: Works with P (Steps in for President if Pres. is unable to attend a meeting)
Secretary: Records notes on blog (Any grade)
Treasurer: Handle YAC funding from Fall Fest and decides where it goes (Junior or Senior)
Grade Reps Persons the YAC member can go to with questions that can be brought up to the presidents or Mrs. Clay.  They take care of advertising event in their buildings (2 per grade).  
Project Chairs: Leader of personal project-may or may not be a YAC active member.
Photographer/Social Media Manager:  Takes pictures during events and meetings (any grade).  Talks to Miss. Derrick about posting events on the Casady School letters to the community, Instagram, Facebook, Website.  Works closely with the Secretary
Hospitality/Social Chairs: Brings snacks and celebrates birthdays.  Also provides get to know each other multicultural activities.  Students with these positions were not at the meeting.  They will add to the description of this office Monday.
Calendar Manager:  Sets up the calendar for year and updates it as needed.  
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Co-Presidents: (Marian and Safra)  Description of office provided by Isaiah and Miranda

1. Inspire and motivate Cyclones to belong to the club

2. Responsible for accountability. we have made sure to keep our numbers high for attendance of meetings. We have had record breaking numbers sign up for YAC this year and we are trying to keep them, but not trying to overwhelm them with meeting after meeting and project after project. 

3.. Assign those to plan projects, only who would like to volunteer.

4. Have a good time.

5. Set agendas for meetings.  Reminds YAC of meetings dates and times

6. Plan YAC's year in collaboration with planning team

7. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

8. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

Co Vice-Presidents (Sahanya (First Trimester Duty: Casady Cans Do Drive, Katherine(Second Trimester Duty: Hope for the Holidays Drive ),Ellie (Third Trimester Duty:Perfect Pair Homeless Alliance Drive)  Description of office provided by Safra and Mariam

1. To assist and fill in for the co-presidents. 

2. The v.p.s can call meetings and lead projects, and are the authoritative figures when the presidents are unavailable

3. Facilitate agendas in absence of co-presidents

4. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

5. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

Secretary: (Malavika R. and Anna B. ) Description of office provided by Katherine

1. Attend any meetings possible ? and to work closely with Mrs. Clay and the co-presidents to ensure the agendas for each meeting are clearly expressed and as efficient as possible. 

2. Record the minutes of each meeting. When unable to be present ?,The sponsor will appoint a YAC member to keep minutes.  Mrs. Clay will place minutes on the blog.  Secretary will text minutes to members

3. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

4. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

5. Minutes and Agendas:
Next year, if the secretary is not at the meeting, there will not be minutes of the meeting.  The secretary needs to make sure the agenda and time for the next meeting are set by the Pre/Vic at the end of each meeting.  The secretary needs to write thank you notes to organizations such as the Food Bank, etc and to chapel speakers.  In the absence of social media/marketing officer, the secretary needs to make flyers, communicate with Casady Marketing office to get publicity of events and drives in the Casady marketing outlets.  Works closely with project chairs and Mrs. Betty Jane Garrett and Miss Jane Derrick.  No announcement to the Casady community can go out unless the quality of the writing and content have been approved by our marketing/communication administrators.

Treasurer: (Claire, Saadia ) Description of office provided by Johnny L

1. Make sure our funds are stored in Casady's finance office 
2 Allocate YAC funding to the right people or organizations in a timely manner.
3 Youth Decision maker in the allocation of $100 funding for monthly projects from the service-learning budget.  The decisions are made in collaboration with Mrs. Clay, YAC sponsor, and Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair.
4. Oversee the counts for drives and report final results in collaboration with division heads and finance office
5.. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 
6. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel
7. Works closely with Mr. Evan Walters before a fundraiser is made public
8. Write grants for funding of National Service Days to Service-Learning Foundations and business

Sponsor:  Mrs. Clay   (Father Blizzard when Mrs. Clay is not present) Descriptions written by Mrs. Clay

1. Attend meetings for liability issues requirement.  Provide ONLY suggestions for agenda items.  
2 Bring community organization volunteer opportunities and service learning experiences to YAC's attention.
3. Empower planning team decision making.  
4. Provide resources and connections to planning team decision making 
5. Support and celebrate YAC involvement in the community.
6. Provide weekend opportunities and transportation to empower the mission of "Participating in the community to improve lives" 
7. Request feedback from planning team to be the sponsor the club needs demand.
8. Promote a yearly strategic planning-reflective time.
9. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 
10. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

Photographer/Social Media Manager: (Hannah)  No description provided by Grace  Takes pictures during events and meetings (any grade).  Talks to Miss. Derrick about posting events on the Casady School letters to Casady Community, website, Facebook, Instagram.  Works closely with the Secretary

Hospitality Chairs:  Hananh, Sahanya, Anna did not provide a description of office.   Suggestions by Mrs. Clay
1. Bring snacks for meetings
2. Provide relationship building activities at meetings once a month
2. Celebrate Birthdays
3. Create process  for YAC Open Houses, National Volunteer Week (PSA), Senior Send Off,GYSD, NVW

Project Chairs  Personal or YAC project organizers and facilitators

Seniors: Safra and Marian (Peace Week 2017), Gabrielle Moore(Project Then and Now), Mallory (Youth LEAD OKC), Zac C. (Best Buddies), 

Juniors: Sahanya (Casady Cans Do-Faculty at Food Bank-Boys and Girls Club Fridays, Katherine ( Hope for the Holidays), Ellie (Perfect Pair), Mason (Art Connections to Peace Week 2017?)

Sophomores: Aaron(Track for Johnson Elementary), Ahmed (Johnson Elementary Connections: Advocacy, Fundraising), Ford and Jacob (Stanley Hupfeld Tutors), Cooper (Chain reaction of Kindness)

Freshmen (?)

Grade Chairs: Description provided by Saadia
1. Should be involved with some of the board decisions (which I am). 

2. Be able to have a positive input and impact on YAC which includes perhaps introducing new organizations to the group as well as new ideas/drives. 

3. Currently, help mobilize the Food Drive or any other YAC sponsored project/ activities which help freshman/sophomores, juniors and seniors realize that they have decision making while helping out. 

4  Goal as a freshman or any grade chair in YAC is to help organize our group into a team that works together for the benefit of our community

5. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

6. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.  
Next Meeting Monday, May 16 at 7:30 am at Harper.  
Agenda:  Senior Send Off, YAC Calendar reflection and planning

Sunday, May 7th
Attend the Cinco de Mayo Festival:  Explore cultures in our backyard @ Plaza Mayor at Crossroads
(Sunday May 712-9pm) Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads
Highlights: Horse parade: 12:00, Ceremony: 7:00pm

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Water is Life


One of the Casady rain barrels will be donated to Centennial High School Community Garden

- Help the environment by collecting rainwater from roof and gutters. 

- By holding back rainwater during a storm, rain barrels help lessen pollution, erosion and flooding. 

- With less rainwater running-off the land, less pollution flows into our creeks and rivers (which are the sources of our drinking water).  

- Collecting and using your rainwater saves money on your water and sewer bills. 

- Use the rainwater to water lawns, gardens and landscaping, fill fountains and ponds, and wash cars and other items.