Sunday, April 9, 2017

YAC meeting 4/10/2017

Suggested Agenda
Service Opportunity this weekend: 

Meeting Activity: Make a Hand-Lend a Hand to Uplift from Poverty
Check this informational PP   about the Students Rebuild, Youth Uplift Challenge

Project Updates

1. Delivery of Project Warm, Blankets to Positive Tomorrow and Dirt to Centennial High School vegetable and spices garden, Dare To Dream Conference

Blankets:  Nicole, Miranda, and Isaiah delivered the Blankets to Positive Tomorrows Friday, March 30, 2017.

Casady YAC RAKS Positive Tomorrows

Dirt: Mrs. Clay delivered the requested dirt at a cost of $60 on Monday, April 1, 2017

Dare to Dream National Service-Learning Conference

Matt Severson personal formula for service projects

Service and United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development;  What is your goal?



Day of Service

On site projects


Reflection: Open Spaces
Doing an open space

Compass Leadership Competencies

Leadership Compass:  From

The Leadership Compass draws from a Native American Indian -based practice called the Medicine Wheel or the Four-Fold Way.  In the Four-Fold Way, the four directions are described as a warrior (north), healer (south), teacher (west) and visionary (east).  All directions have profound strengths and potential weaknesses, and every person is seen as capable of growing in each direction. 

Each direction has a primary "human resource," including power (north), love (south), wisdom (west) and vision (east), as well as primary struggles, associated with loss or difficulty. Each person can access the gifts associated with each direction in order to become more whole.

This workshop builds on the Leadership Compass framework to allow individual participants to dig deeper in their perceptions of self and team. Non-profit organizations modified the original framework and language to be more suited to the professionally-oriented cultures of organizations.  This workshop pushes the notion of the "learnable" qualities of each direction when a person adopts a willingness to learn and change.

Take a quiz here  

Alphas and Deltas of your personal leadership style  ttps://


2. ISAS 50th Anniversary

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Casady hosted the 50th Annual ISAS Arts Festival, April 6-8, 2017. The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) Arts Festival began in 1967 at Casady School with Wichita Collegiate and Holland Hall participating in debate, one act plays, and art exhibits at Casady School. The Festival culminated with all three schools joining together in a mass choir concert.  20 different performance opportunities and adjudication venues for more than 40 schools and 3,000 students participated in the ISAS 2017.  The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) is comprised of more than 90 schools in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico.  One of the activities of the 50th year celebration was a mass 40 choirs performance of the song originally performed during the first ISAS Festival in 1967.  

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570 adult and youth volunteers provided 4,970 volunteer hours from set-up to tear down.  VOLUNTEERING united Casady Cyclones youth and adults in service this weekend.  Volunteers had a hand in the 2017 festival's success.

3. Totes of Love

4. Perfect Pair

5. Wheelchair Track for Johnson Elementary

6. Mentoring and Tutoring Projects
a. Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village  Peace Silhouettes 
Positive Directions mentors at Stanley Hupfeld Academy seeks new tutors and mentors!  Hupfeld Academy is located at 1508 N.W. 106th (106th & N. McKinley), and serves the Western Village neighborhood children. 

The Positive Directions program matches mentors with elementary (K-5) students for one-on-one sessions, one hour each week during the school day (10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).  The program’s purpose is to build relationships and provide consistent, caring friends and role models for the children, and to help them with their academic and social needs.  Most mentors spend ½ of their time on academic needs/reading, and the other ½ on a fun activity (games, puzzles, walking the track, etc., to encourage casual visiting and building the relationship).  We have two designated mentor rooms at our school site, with all of the supplies and materials needed for mentoring sessions. 

Many of our mentors tell us it’s the best hour of their week, and they gain as much from the experience as their student does!  We have a number of mentors who stay with their student throughout their elementary years. 

Team mentoring is also encouraged; two mentors may team to mentor the same child, alternating weeks, so it is less of a time commitment for those who may find it difficult to mentor an hour each week. 

Interested mentors have to complete a mentor information form.  Mentors will receive a packet containing a photo and information about their student, as well as a mentor nametag and handbook.  There will be an orientation onsite or at Casady if a group decides to mentor.  There are also mentor volunteer opportunities for interested adults.  There is an application process and training for adult mentors also.   For application and more information contact:  Tobi Campbell, Director, Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village & Positive Directions Mentoring,  Office (405) 717-9831,  Cell (405) 550-3762,  Fax (405) 951-8808

b. Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park

c. Best Buddies International @ Special Care

7.  SAVE THE DATES  Check this informational PP   about GYSD'17, NVW'17, PSA'17

Global Youth Service Days: Friday, April 21-April 23
Earth Day: April 22
National Volunteer Week: April 23-29, 2017
Presidential Awards Delivery Day at Chapel: May 3, 2017

New Projects

1.  Saint Baldrick's Casady Team fights childhood Cancer, noon at VZD's Sunday, April 23rd GYSD and first day of National Volunteer Week!
2. Vegetables and Spices Centennial High School Community Garden

3. Project Then and Now new book: 50 years behind the fitting room door

4. Grant writing workshop with Mrs. Elder, Kindness role models for 1st Grade Daisy Troop on April 12, 3:15 
Girl Scout Daisy meeting, April 12th from 3:15 - 4:30 pm needs a high school speaker and role model. Let Mrs. Elder know what works for you.  Would love the girls to learn more about Catching Kindness.

Please let Mrs. Elder know if you can be a guest speaker 

5. Senior Send Off