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Water is Life, Earth Week Games 2017: Missions 1 and 2

Reflect On Yesterday's Mission

Before moving on to Mission #2, reflect on yesterday's mission. What was it like to imagine your special place in one thousand years from now? A combination of enthusiasm and fear  Enthusiasm because of the good thinks kind compassionate people will do to keep our earth healthy.  It was especially empowering to hear the ladies who started the March on Science. Fear because of the consumer, me first attitude humans have that could continue to damage the health of our planet. 
How did you feel spending time there? Did you feel calm, peaceful, or more present? What might you do to care for this place so that future generations of life can enjoy it the way you do now? Stop my personal pollution and consumerism.  Recycle more. Conserve energy and water.

If you haven't already done so, shares your experiences on the Compassion Report Map to elevate good in the world!
Our second mission, Agents, is to become acutely aware of water’s role in our lives and then develop habits to save as much of it as possible.

“In the end it does not matter who you are... for we all drink from the same world-wide well. There is a beauty in every drop of water, and when water flows together it is powerful, capable of creating amazing change. We are water. And together, we create change.”
-Takaiya Blaney, Sliammon First Nation

Water connects us to all life, present, past, and future. The water that makes up our bodies was once a glacier, the ocean, the falling rain. Each droplet once composed a leaf, an ancient species, another human being. And one day, it shall be these things again in new ways.

Human beings are 65% water. Water is what protects us in our mother’s womb, and water is the most vital resource for life to exist. A human being can live for more than three weeks without food but only 3 days without water. And yet, just a tiny fraction of water on Mother Earth is fresh and drinkable - less than 1% of the water on our planet!

In the modern world, however, the reality of how precious water is can be easy to forget. Water surges through our sinks and bathtubs with the flick of a hand. Because of this privilege, it can be easy to allow so much good water to drain away without ever being used or fully appreciated.

Agents, our second mission is to love water for its many gifts, learning where our water comes from, and then saving as much of it as possible. In every activity we engage in today with water, let’s be mindful of how precious water is to life!

First, identify which watershed you live within. Where does your water come from? (You can quickly find which watershed you live within here!)

Then, identify ways you can appreciate, protect, and save as much water as possible!:
  • When you brush your teeth, turn the water off when you are not using it between brushes.
  • Try to only run full loads of laundry and dishes.
  • When you shower, think of all the moments where you really need water’s help, and when you don’t. When you lather your hair or your body with soap, or when you’re shaving, consider turning the water off until these stages are complete and shorten your shower by even a few minutes.
  • Wash vehicles at a carwash that recycles and filters pollutants out of the water.
  • Be mindful of what you put into the drains! All products make their way to our waterways eventually, impacting entire ecosystems and even ourselves.
    • Buy products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and do not contain plastic microbeads.
  • Consider letting your yard go through natural draught phases, or having plants that don’t need as much water in your yard.
  • Capture the rain in rain barrels and use this water for your yard or garden.
  • If possible, consider “letting the yellow mellow” when you use the toilet to minimize flushing. (But of course “let the brown down”!)
Get your household involved and work as a team! Who can love water and save it the most? Talk with all members of your living space to work with you on this goal. Add notes by every water source as a reminder of this new and important habit!
Share your experiences on the Compassion Report Map to inspire others and amplify the power of your compassion for Mother Earth!

Good luck, Agents!

Going Deeper:

Mission #2 was inspired by the mesage of Ta'Kaiya Blaney, an Indigenous youth from the Sliammon First Nation who has helped ignite sacred activism for the Earth around the world. Listen to her moving message from World Water Day in 2014 in the video below, still as powerful today as it was then.

Each day during Earth Week, the Compassion Torch will be passed to a different Champion of Compassion. On Day 2 of the Earth Week, we are deeply thankful to pass the Compassion Torch from Earth Day Network to the remarkable Amy Walker.

Saturday, April 22nd was Earth Day 2017. Seniors Jake U. and Cathy Z. organized a street clean-up.  The Cyclone Environmental Club cleaned-up Casady's Adopt a Street portion of Penn and Britton.  The Club met at 8:30 at the Student Center for breakfast and safety instructions before the clean-up started.   

 Tips to SAVE THE Planet 

Go Earth Go!

Go Cyclones Go!


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Water is Life, Compassion Earth Games

Agents of Compassion,

We have critical information for you from Compassion HQ...

In ancient times, it was taught that a great Worldwide River flowed through this world, whose waters nourished and connected all that it touched. Its waters were so abundant, it was said, and so good, that it made life possible for plants, who covered the Earth with a blanket of lush green. This is why the Earth is a green and blue planet: blue like water, and green, like plants.

The plants fed the insects, which fed the animals, which all fed the people. And so it was understood that Water was Life, and that it should be protected and appreciated so that all living beings, including human beings, could live the life they were meant to live. 

Life went on like this for a very, very long time.

Today, however, many of these teachings have been largely forgotten.

When a human being forgets the teachings of the Worldwide River, they may begin to treat the Earth’s waters differently. They may put their garbage or pollution into the water, not realizing it will one day flow back to the water they must drink. They may not care that the dirty water will make the plants and the animals sick, but people must eat these plants and animals, which will eventually make them sick, and their children sick, too.

It was foretold by the ancients that human beings may one day forget this knowledge, and that these bad things might happen, as they are indeed happening. But... they also foretold that human beings would one day remember the old stories, and learn again to care for the Worldwide River, and therefore care for all life!

Agents, as the ancients foretold, the old teachings are returning! Water Protectors of the 7th Generation arise all around Mother Earth as we speak! They carry with them the message “Mni Wiconi,” which means Water is Life

They invite you to join with them!

Water is Life! Protect the Sacred Earth Week
is here! Let the Compassion Games begin!

Our first mission, Agents, is to walk in nature and imagine that place in one thousand years.
Agents, our first mission is to connect with nature by walking in a place that is meaningful to you. Invite a friend to join you on your journey if you prefer. 

Maybe your place is a forest trail, a garden, the beach or your backyard. How do you feel when you are in this special space? Allow yourself to really settle into the moment and feel the vibrancy of life happening all around you.

After some time, begin to imagine what this place might be like in one thousand years. Imagine someone, just like you, visiting this place, enjoying the wonders and peacefulness you are experiencing right now.

Agents, over the next 9 days of Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week our missions will focus on exploring fun and meaningful ways to care for the Earth, each other, and ourselves. Through our time together we will discover ways to walk lighter on Mother Earth that bring us more happiness and connection, while positively impacting the future generations of life on our one and only home!
Agents, remember... share your experiences on theCompassion Report Map to inspire others and amplify the power of your compassion for Mother Earth!

Good luck!

Going Deeper:

“I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become One Circle again.” -Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota Nation

This mission was inspired from the teachings and laws of Indigenous Peoples. In many First Nation cultures, an utmost importance is placed on being mindful of how our actions will impact our children, and our children's children, for seven generations of life to come. It also honors the ancient teachings from the Tree of Life that we are interconnected with all living things.

Each day during the Water is Life! Protect the Sacred Earth Week, the Compassion Torch will be passed to a different Champion of Compassion. With the launch of Earth Week, we are beyond honored to pass the Compassion Torch to Earth Day Network, our partner and continuous source of regeneration for the Earth and all life.
As the world looks to find a new way to balance, preserve and protect Mother Earth we are grateful to have a partnership with the Earth Day Network and to recognize them as the lead “champion of compassion”.