Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Volunteering Before the ISAS Festival

Faculty ISAS Volunteering Daily Morning Briefings

Cyclone volunteers await for Coach T's orientation

Volunteers arriving for orientation

Cyclone Volunteers hard at work

Full-service days at Casady School
A service facilitator's dream =)

United by the Vision: Peace through service, teamwork, and creativity

Parents, Faculty Emeritus current teachers joined hands preparing the meals tent for 3,000 participants

Casady lake with "feathers" from all participating school

and the fun begins at noon today!

Cyclones volunteer to prepare for 50th Anniversary ISAS Festival
 Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) Arts Festival began in 1967 at Casady School with Wichita Collegiate and Holland Hall participating in debate, one act plays, and art exhibits at Casady School. The Festival culminated with all three schools joining together in a mass choir concert.

Fifty years later, the ISAS Arts Festival has grown to be the nation’s premiere annual regional arts festival among independent schools with more than 20 different performance opportunities for the students. Today, more than 40 schools and 3,000 students participate in this weekend celebration of performing and visual arts.

The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) is comprised of more than 90 schools in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

Students, Faculty, Administrators, Staff, Parents, Alumni joined hands preparing for the Festival.  Cyclones volunteered Monday-Wednesday the week of April 2-5, 2017.

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation 
Teen Leaders in Philanthropy Youth Board 
Fundraiser Trivia Dinner

The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation fourth annual Teen Leaders in Philanthropy class hosted its annual end of the year fundraiser. OMRF selected 53 teens from across the state for its fourth annual Teen Leaders in Philanthropy class. OMRF teen philanthropy visited OMRF on a monthly basis throughout the 2016-17 school year to meet philanthropic leaders while learning about nonprofit organizations and the impact giving can have on a community.
Members of the teen board were Oklahoma high school students who submitted a written application and a letter of reference to qualify and then participated in an interview process.
The diverse group of teens worked together on team-building and fundraising projects strategically tailored to instill the basics of philanthropy, development, board structure, networking and the TRIVIA annual fundraising.
Previous classes worked to create, organize and operate community-wide events to raise money for childhood disease and autoimmune disease research at OMRF, as well as a Trivia Night that raised money for overall research at the foundation.
Six of this year’s Teen Leaders were named to the Advisory Council, a select group of two-time Teen Leader participants who aid OMRF Development officers by contributing ideas and feedback for the program. They also take leadership roles by heading committees for the fundraising project.
“We are thrilled that this program is continuing to grow and become known around the state,” said OMRF Director of Development Kelley McGuire, who coordinates the group. “Educating young people about how philanthropy works will ensure that our state’s non-profit organizations are set up for success in the future.”
The 2016 Teen Leaders in Philanthropy are:
  • ASTEC – Vinèy Kumari
  • Atoka – Gabriella Cochran
  • Bishop McGuinness – Ellie Baze, Alexander Best, Olivia Derryberry, Lena Do, Cooper Larson
  • Casady – Safra Shakir, Mariam Shakir
  • Classen School of Advanced Studies – PhiYen Nguyen, Dangminh Nguyen
  • Crossings Christian School – Matthew Loper, Megan Szymanski, Nancy Wilkinson
  • Deer Creek – Renee Horky, Alycia Pisano, Nicholas Oldham
  • Dove Science Academy – Gabriela Rueda
  • Duncan – Graham Cox, Hattie Stockton
  • Edmond North – Sharon Bouvette, Carolina Collins, Reese Weingaertner
  • Edmond Santa Fe – Maleha Anwar, Moeed Fawad
  • Epic Charter School – Addalyn Wyatt
  • Heritage Hall – Devavrat Dave, Tahirah Naidu, Alina Wilson
  • Newcastle – Karima Soliman
  • Norman – Kathryn Garn, Izra Lodangco, Ella Powers
  • Norman North – Kendyll Gavras
  • Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics – Katherine Liebl, Jacqueline Oh, Amanda Pan, Abel Zacharia, Anet Zacharia, Ann Zacharia
  • Putnam City – Ashley Sunil
  • Southeast – Heidy Briones, Jocelyn Garcia
  • Trinity School – Curran McGuire
  • Western Heights – Jenny Ha
  • Westmoore – Ashley Langston
  • Woodward – Paige Hughes
Advisory Council
  • Bishop McGuiness – Charlotte Edmonds
  • Bridge Creek –Macie Shelden
  • Dove Science Academy – Marcel Martinez
  • Heritage Hall – Madison Baetz
  • Norman North – Anna Smist
  • Putnam City North – Josephine Nwankw

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You may have heard about the recent Islamophobic comments made by state representative John Bennett at the Muslim Day event at the Capitol organized by CAIR OK.
Appalled by Mr. Bennett's question, Casady Muslim Cyclones and Casady Muslim alumni response was to give back to our community, to the women and children victimized by domestic violence.

     The goal was to package at least 500 "Totes of Love" for the YWCA domestic violence shelter.
     Volunteers gathered at the AMA Event Center (on the grounds of The Grand Mosque, 3201 NW 48th Street)   April 1st at 10 AM to help fill  totes
Read more about the project at