Monday, April 17, 2017

Preparing to play the Water is Life Coopetition, April 22nd-30th

Welcome to Water is Life! Protect the Sacred
Earth Week!

Earthly Greetings 
Carmen Clay!
You are officially signed up to play in the 2017
Water is Life! Protect the Sacred Earth Week Coopetition!
As a Secret Agent of Compassion during the 9 days of the coopetition (April 22nd - 30th) you will be receiving Secret Missions to help guide and inspire compassionate acts to protect life and honor Mother Earth!
If you would like to organize a Team during Earth Week, provide your Team's information through the Team Registration button below. Registered Teams get access to personalized support and coaching, access to a new Compassion Report Map with live results and social sharing, and the opportunity to elevate their experience in playful competition with teams around the world!

If you would like to invite friends to play with you in Earth Week, click the Invite Friends button below!
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Thanks for Playing the Compassion Games!