Wednesday, April 26, 2017

End of the Year YAC Activities

Congratulations, Presidential Service Awards Winners 2016-2017
Casady Presidential Service Award Winners 2016-2017Photo by Jane Derick

Presidential Volunteer Service (PSA) Awards 2016-2017
YAC leadership preparations for the Award Breakfast and recognition ceremony

Isaiah (PSA 2016), MiAngila, Safra (PSA 2016), and Mariam (PSA 2016) rehearsed the recognition ceremony after Sahanya (PSA 2017), Anna (PSA 2016, PSA 2017), Hannah, and Mrs. Clay made decisions about breakfast set-up and menu.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017  7:30-7:50 am  @   Chapel Transept
-          YAC and service-learning welcome
-          Picked up medals, certificates and have pictures taken by YAC and Miss Derrick
-          Sage Breakfast treats at Chapel Transept: Scones, bagels, fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt. Orange juice and water

 8:00-8:20 am @ Chapel  
- Senior Speech: Inspirational Violin Performance by Gold Presidential Service Award Medalist, Symon Ma

-PSA Awardees Chapel Recognition @ Chapel
Presidential Award for Service Recognition Ceremony


Good morning, on behalf of the Casady YAC (Youth Active in the Community) it is our pleasure to facilitate the recognition ceremony of the  2016-2017 Casady President’s Volunteer Service Award winners.
Awardees received their gold, silver or bronze medals, letters of appreciation from the President of the United States, and a certificate issued by the collaborative effort of two partner volunteer advocacy agencies, the Corporation of National and Community Service and the Points of Light Foundation, at a breakfast YAC had in their honor at the Chapel transept.
We will now call award winners by grades, starting with the Class of 2020.  Freshmen qualified for medals as teens (ages 15 years old or younger) with a minimum of 50 hours for the bronze medal.  A minimum of 75 hours for the teens silver medal and a minimum of 100 hours for the teens gold medal.
Awardees from the Class of 2020 please stand when your name is called.  Remain standing until all names have been called.  Audience, please refrain from congratulatory applause until all names are called.

Freshmen: Teens
Bronze   50 hours
Silver         75 hours
Gold         100 Hours
Caitrin Coppinger
Nicolas Moore
Cooper Lindstrom
Vivian Costello
Lucas Schneider
Malavika Rajaram
Parker Gwin
Olivia Uhland
Saadia Nazir
Ahmed Hussan
Caroline Terrell
Eliana Taylor
Samuel Jun
Doran Walters
John Jack Pitman
Noah Youmans
Aaron Puffenbarger

Help me congratulate the Class of 2020 Presidential Award winners with a round of applause.  Freshmen, you may be seated
Presidential Award winners from the Class of 2019 qualified some as teens, but mostly as young adults, ages 16 and older.  The young adults bronze medal requires a minimum of 100 hours,  the silver medal requires a minimum of 175 hours, and the young adult gold medal requires a minimum of 250 hours in a personal one service year.

Awardees from the Class of 2019 please stand when your name is called. The bronze medalists from the Class of 2019 are:
Sophomores   *2016 Teens and   2017 Young Adults

Bronze  50* 100
Silver 75* 175
Gold 100* 250
Sahanya Bhaktaram
Jaime Russell*
Ellie Guzzy *
Anna Buckley
Catherine Dube
Julia Grantham*

Kaili Nguyen
Isabel O’connor
Katherine Schoeffler
Brandon Trachtenberg

Evie Walters *
Kate Williams

Help me congratulate the Class of 2019 Presidential Award winners with a round of applause.  Sophomores, you may be seated


Young Adult Awardees from the Class of 2018 please stand when your name is called and remain standing until all names have been called.  The young adult bronze medallists from the Class of 2018 are:
Juniors   Young Adults
Bronze 100
Silver 175
Gold 250
Luke Albert
Mallory Woodruff
Zac Conner
Nell Johnson
Gabrielle Moore
Help me congratulate the Class of 2019 Presidential Award winners with a round of applause.  Juniors, you may be seated.
Awardees from the Class of 2017 please stand when your name is called and remain standing until all names have been called.

The young adult bronze medallists from the Class of 2017 are

Seniors   Young Adults
Bronze 100
Silver 175
Gold 250
Kaitlyn Barthell
Alexander Coleman
Ellie Dunn
Joshua Britt
Ross Harrison
Covell Lindstrom
Paris Corbertt
Symon Ma
Alden O’Connor
Muhammad  Saadah
Livy Simms
Turner Waddell


Help me congratulate the Class of 2017 Presidential Award winners with a round of applause.  Seniors, you may be seated.

580 Presidential Awards and two lifetime servant leadership achievement awards to faculty have been delivered since 2004, year the service requirement for graduation was instituted at Casady School.
Congratulations Cyclones for going beyond the required hours pursuing the change you want to see in our communities.
This concludes our 2016-2017 Presidential Awards recognition ceremony.  On behalf of the Casady Service Learning Program and the Casady Service Club, YAC (Youth Active in the Community), thank you very much for the opportunity to recognize and celebrate hours leadership in service to our Casady and greater Oklahoma City Community.

2,520 decorated hands to be shipped at the end of the day 5/4/2017 = $ 4,864 matching donation from Bezos Foundation to
SAVE THE CHILDREN programs in Nicaragua and Indonesia

Centennial High School sent 1,100 ($2,090.00 donation) decorated hands on 5/3/2017

The last group of decorated hands from the Casady After School Program
47 ($83.30 matching donation by Bezos Foundation) OKC Caring Hands 

270 ($ 513.00 matching donation by Bezos Foundation)  OKC Caring Hands decorated by Stanley Hupfeld Academy


Cyclone organizer of the project.  Goal: 1,000 hands = $1,900 matching donation by Bezos Foundation

The first 300 hands in packing box!  Hands were traced by Cyclone YAC leaders Gabrielle and Mallory at different venues, during baby sitting times and by the Bridges Program Teens from Centennial High School
Casady YAC, Brookdale, Statesmen's Club Independent Living, Casady After School Program, UD, Mr. Pena's ,MD, Miss Castro's Spanish classes and Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village students helped decorate the OKC Caring Hands

Webcast between teens in Miami and Nicaragua.  April 27, 2017

Stanley Hupfeld Academy @ Western Village 
Mentoring Program Exploration
1st Site Visit

Positive Directions mentors at Stanley Hupfeld Academy seeks new tutors and mentors!  Hupfeld Academy is located at 1508 N.W. 106th (106th & N. McKinley), and serves the Western Village neighborhood children. 

The Positive Directions program matches mentors with elementary (K-5) students for one-on-one sessions, one hour each week during the school day (10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).  The program’s purpose is to build relationships and provide consistent, caring friends and role models for the children, and to help them with their academic and social needs.  Most mentors spend ½ of their time on academic needs/reading, and the other ½ on a fun activity (games, puzzles, walking the track, etc., to encourage casual visiting and building the relationship).  We have two designated mentor rooms at our school site, with all of the supplies and materials needed for mentoring sessions. 

Many of our mentors tell us it’s the best hour of their week, and they gain as much from the experience as their student does!  We have a number of mentors who stay with their student throughout their elementary years. 

Team mentoring is also encouraged; two mentors may team to mentor the same child, alternating weeks, so it is less of a time commitment for those who may find it difficult to mentor an hour each week. 

Interested mentors have to complete a mentor information form.  Mentors will receive a packet containing a photo and information about their student, as well as a mentor nametag and handbook.  There will be an orientation onsite or at Casady if a group decides to mentor.  There are also mentor volunteer opportunities for interested adults.  There is an application process and training for adult mentors also.   For application and more information contact: Tobi Campbell, Director, Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village & Positive Directions Mentoring,  Office (405) 717-9831,  Cell (405) 550-3762,  Fax (405) 951-8808

Getting information about the school and the mentoring program application
Mentoring Schedule
Once a week, Casady lunch/ Activities   Day: Chosen by mentors
Lunch @ Stanley Hupfeld: Lunch area for StanHupYAC mentors: TBD.  
Cost of lunch covered by mentors. Lunch with children was discussed, but lunch schedules are hurdles. Mentors lunch offer:Stanley Hupfeld's cafeteria
1st year goal: 8 mentors 
Number determined by Casady van capacity.  Driver Mrs. Clay

Academics Mentors Room


Relationships Building Mentors Room

Activity Room


Cooking class with founder Stanley Hupfeld
In his 20 years of involvement at Western Village/Hupfeld Academy, Hupfeld learned there is nothing wrong with high-risk children's minds.  “The secret sauce is the love teachers have for children. Kids have to feel loved, appreciated and valuable. We had a first class mentoring program, where they received at least one hour a week of undivided attention.”  The vast majority of public school children come from low-income homes. They are “latch key” kids and many of them have never been read to, never owned a book and have illiterate parents.  My grandchild hit kindergarten with 1,000-word vocabulary, basic math skills and a knowledge of history. These public school kids start two years behind on day one. If the system doesn’t catch them up, they stay behind.”

NVW 2017 is an opportunity to shine a light on the people and causes that inspire them to serve. Volunteerism empowers us to find our purpose and take our passion and turn it into meaningful change.  Share your volunteer story and what inspires you to serve!  download and fill out the #ivolunteer signboard. Take a photo holding the sign and share it on Instagram or Twitter using #ivolunteer and #nwv.

I #Volunteer because I know others have helped me. Dj Wood'11

Why 5 NFL Players volunteer in a mentoring program

Come to Harper during 3rd hour, Activities or the double to on site service projects. 

1. Decorate hands to uplift teens from poverty,  Gabrielle and Mallory hope to reach 1,000 decorated hands ($1,900 donation) and mail them on April 27th to help uplift teens from poverty in Nicaragua and Indonesia.

On April 27th, 2017, in partnership with Global Nomads Group, Students Rebuild is hosting a live webcast between young people in Nicaragua and Miami. Mark your calendars and plan to join us on YouTube Live with your own questions for the young people participating.  Watch on YouTube Live at 9:00a.m. PT / Noon ET: Need a reminder for your calendar? RSVP for the webcast on Facebook.

2. Advocate for WATER IS LIFE decorating a rain barrel which will be donated to Centennial High School Community Garden. Sahanya brought this project from the National Service-Learning Conference, Dare to Dream to Casady Cyclones. Centennial High School has invited Cyclones to help build their garden on Friday, April 28, 2017.  Site supervisor and contact, Family Consumer Science and Technology Teacher:  Carrie Snyder-Renfro <> 

3. Play the Earth Week Compassion Games, Mission 5

4. Transcribe the first pages of "50 years behind the fitting room door" to Pressbooks, a Village Library publishing program.  Help a Brookdale Statemen's Club resident publish a book about her OKC retail story.  Expected date for release, October 242017, author's 90th birthday.