Monday, March 6, 2017

YAC meeting, March 6, 7:30 am

No minutes or pictures taken.  Cooper and Mrs. Clay finished the preparations for the trip to California.



Casady Service Learning promoted the week via TV screen pictures of Multicultural celebrations that took place in language classrooms such as Mardi Grass, Dia de los Muertos and Chinese New Year.

Activity:  Fleece Blankets for Positive Tomorrow and Hands to Uplift from Poverty.  We had these activities ongoing until Thursday during Music, Activities, and the double for any interested Cyclone. Mrs. Clay will be away from the office on Friday.

Tomorrow is the Development Office lunch at the Wing.  24 people signed-up to help during lunch and Activities.  Lunch from Big Truck Tacos provided courtesy of Development Office.

Other Agenda items tabled from last week and from the floor

23 Cyclones gathered for lunch and activities at the Casady Wing to write notes to Casady donors thanking them for their generosity and sharing the impact that their gift has had on their educational experience.  



Casady YAC will RAK Positive Tomorrow with fleece blankets made by YAC members representing each grade in the Upper Division.  The senior blanket will go to the first grade class, the junior blanket to the second grade class, the sophomore blanket to the third grade class, and the freshman blanket will go to the 4th grade class.  Isaiah decided that the blankets will be delivered after spring break since the freshman blanket still needed to be finished on Thursday.  He personally took the senior and junior blankets and finished them.

 The blanket from the Dare to Dream team will go to the kindergarten class at Positive Tomorrows