Saturday, March 18, 2017

YAC Meeting, March 21,7;30 AM, Harper

Welcome back Cyclones!

Suggested Agenda

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The YAC quilt is heading to California to the Dear to Dream National Service Learning Conference
The Casady Team will feature YAC projects at their showcase presentation titled, "It is your turn to serve"

1. Activity:
Freshman Fleece Blanket: Participants finished the freshman blanket.  Miranda in collaboration with Nicole and Isaiah will decide when the blankets are delivered and will make sure she takes pictures of the delivery.

Students Rebuild Youth Uplift Challenge:  Hands to uplift from poverty  ON PARKING LOT, students leaders did not attend the meeting.

2. Help needed:  Request for dirt for community garden from Centennial High School from
Carrie Snyder-Renfro
National Board Certified Teacher,Career & Technology Instructor, 
Family and Consumer Sciences Education class,
Miracle-Gro Garden Soil Vegetables & Herbs1301 N.E. 101st Room C105
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73131
Class Phone (405) 587-5261
Main Office (405) 587-5200

We need Dirt for the Garden. I found some @ Lowes. We will take anything we can get:) Thanks!
Garden soil – as much as we can get – Each bed needs 16 cu feet so, 8 bagsx7.97=$64.00
We are building 20 beds = 1280.00
We can use a gift card, cash or they can go buy it and drop it off at the garden location at school. 

Mrs. Clay will contact Chef Renfro and tell her that we will adopt one of the beds.  We will follow-up next week with the Environmental Club to see if they want to help plant or have some interaction with the teens from Centennial who will be developing the community garden.

We will also ask anyone who has extra garden soil to deliver to Harper, but we will do that after proper permission are granted.  There are too many activities going on to have a "dirt drive."  We will focus on private donations to help Centennial as much as we can.  

3. March projects  
- Women's History Month: Tabled until next week
Advocacy for Girls Education:
Girl Rising Screenings Next Week @ the Wing during music, activities and the double ?

- Perfect Pair: Advocacy and collection for the homeless alliance benefiting OKC homeless served by the Homeless Alliance  After the meeting, Ellie stated that Coach T was going to answer after ISAS meeting today.  

-Dare to Dream National Service Learning Conference Showcase.  See details here.  Follow us at Casady Community Service Learning Blog.  We will be doing our daily reflection on the blog..  This is an advocacy project for service clubs in high schools.  See what Casady Service-Learning YAC has connected to directly or indirectly at. 
Mrs. Clay will be in California the rest of the week with the Dare to Dream Team

-WRRT Project:  Progress.  Grant proposal at April meeting.

-Book Projects
50 years behind OKC's fitting room doors
Mrs. Finley's book project with an elementary school

-Grant and Kindness Project
Mrs. Adrienne Elder:  Follow-up on grant writing workshop and teen kindness role models for Girl Scout troops.

4. April Projects
- ISAS Festival 50th Year:  Advocacy for the arts

-Global Youth Service Days
*Friday, April 21:  Tai Chi classes for Casady and Boys and Girls Club
*Saturday, April 22: Dr. Javier Carrasco, El Paso Independent School District Health, Wealthness and PE Coordinator:   Kinesthetic Literacy training.  Dr. Carrasco teaches teachers how to connect movement and phonics.  Training limited to 40 participants.  Educators welcome.  Recommended for Best Buddies and Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village, and Fridays at Boys and Girls Club mentors.

Javier Carrasco
Location:Health, Wellness & Pe
Position:Coordinator Health Wellness and PE
Office Phone:915-230-2361
Sunday, April 23: Students Rebuild Youth Uplift Project at home

-National Volunteer Week
Monday, April 24,,2017:
7:00 am -7:45 am   Catered breakfast for Presidential Award Winners and YAC who RSVP by April 10th  by Sage @ Wing

8:00 am    Delivery of Presidential Awards  @ Chapel  Delivery facilitated by presidents and co-presidents

Tuesday, April 25 -Friday, April 26 at Harper
 Other ideas will come from Hospitality Chairs after meeting
-Movie: Pay it Forward and Hands on Poverty project

5.May Projects
Senior Send Off
Tuesday, May 2;  Fedex-Time Strategic Planning 2017-2018 facilitated by Mr. Evan Walter
Mission statement and goals for the year  4-6 pm
Calendar of activities for the year that goes back to the WHY?
Propose meeting dates for attending clubs to provide to Coach T.'s consideration for the school year 2017-2018.