Friday, March 24, 2017

Last Day of the Dare to Dream 2017 Conference

After breakfast, the team attended selected workshops, described by one of the members of the team as transforming.

1. Poverty Simulation: Almost all of the world population exists at some level of poverty. Impoverish people do not have access to health care, housing, food, and water  The simulation taught causes of poverty as well as how to assuage poverty.

2. Advocacy for Introverts:  Where do introverts fit in? What strengths do they possess? Is advocacy possible for the introverts?  The workshop answered this questions in an interactive way.

3. Non-Violence and Human Rights: Dialog for Change: By 2030, the UN Sustainable Development Goal # 4 aims to have all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote education, human rights, gender equality, peace and non-violence, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity.  This workshop was a dialog to work for health, well being, and education of children through the creation of stronger institutions and partnerships.

4. Book Talk: A book boots the learning, the understanding, the emotional connections, the perspectives, the ideas, and the desire to read more relevant and inspiring books.  Whatever your service-learning theme, there are books waiting for you.

Some members of the group experienced the awards ceremonies while others  tore-down the showcase from the exhibit hall and packed it for the return flight home.
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The awards ceremony was a learning process in itself. Funding for the Corporation of National and Community Service is being cut which will affect the AmeriCorps Program.  As the awardees had a panel discussion of their projects and next steps, conference participants learned that the Corporation of National Service and Americorps budget is in trouble.  Awardees issue a call to reach out to our legislators to place these organizations in the budget.

The inspirational speaker was a 15-year old poet Royce Mann. He shared his original poem, Let's Rise Up!  Here is the poem delivered by Royce on MLK Day from YouTube

After lunch, the team attended the post conference reflections opportunities facilitated by the National Youth Leadership Council based on Minnesota.  Sahanya attended Influencing Action, How every person can be a leader.

The rest of the team did an interactive reflective exercise called Open Spaces.  Both activities will be field tested at home in the month of May during YAC meetings and during the FedEx Time.

Notes taken at every table at this Google Document


Sahanya left the group to visit with family and return a day earlier to OKC.  The rest of the team went on to dinner, started the chapel presentation and participated in the world of color presentation starting at 9:00 pm.

The service-learning adventure ended with and evening presentation of Disney's World of Color at Disney California Adventure