Thursday, March 2, 2017

Casady YAC @ Work

At Boys and Girls Club

YAC Hospitality Chair, Sahanya B. has instituted YAC Fridays at the Club.  YAC attends once a month to help as needed the first grade members of the club or takes art activities with supplies for the club members and YAC to do together. 

Past art activities have been Global Youth Service Day Students Rebuild Challenges such as making bookmarks, pinwheels, and in 2017 empowering hands to uplift from poverty.  The Bezos Foundation provides funding to non-profit organizations working on the ground of the countries where the art work is shipped by the Casady Service-Learning office to improve lives.  

Sahanya will bring to the attention of the YAC board the possibility of serving at the club more than once a month. 

Pictures by first grade club member

YAC preparing for National Service Learning Conference Showcase 

Service Learning supports French Club on Fat Tuesday