Sunday, February 26, 2017

Update for Multicultural Tapestry Day @ the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum


Casady Youth LEAD, Jack R. contacted the Education Director at the Museum.  We are still trying to find the best combination of audience and date for the retreat experience.  

On Friday, 3/4 Jack R. and Carmen Clay had a meeting to explore new dates for the Youth LEAD OKC Multicultural Tapestry Day at the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum.  The first logistics exploration is to find new dates when Youth LEADERS can organize and facilitate the experience.  Ryan sent the following e-mail to YLOKCasady, Mercy, North West Classen, and Classen SAS, "I am going to try to help organize everyone and I will contact the heads of each committee (i.e. logistics, recruitment, programming) and see which dates are best out of these for the project:  April 10-14, April 17-21, or May 15-19"