Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sharing Service Sparks with Mr. Gene Rainbolt, Casady Service-Learning Benefactor

Photos by Aaron P.'20


Joan K.* Coach Bonfiglio, Coach T., Father Marlin*, Father Blizzard*,  Mr. Evan Walter*, Dr. Wesley Fryer*, Dr. Sara Price*, Mrs. Small*, Mrs. Clay*, Mrs. Betty Jane Garrett 


Available Casady Cares adults visited with Mr. Rainbolt at the Wing conference room.  Faculty, administration, and Oklahoma non-profits, such as the Respect Diversity Foundation of Oklahoma are resources for teen initiatives that help actualize the mission of the Casady service club, YAC (Youth Active in the Community).  YAC's why is to participate in the community to improve lives.
Mr. Rainbolt asked us to reflect on how our projects are aiming to lessen the "economic, capitalistic Darwinism" and empower our students to use their education to change "opportunity in life," because education is the lever that creates prosperity from poverty.  

12:30-1:30 (Lunch and Activities)











"Honestly, I did not know so much service was going on.  It was great to meet Mr. Rainbot and learned about the projects around campus and in the Oklahoma City community."  Members of the Junior Class.


Freshmen:       Saadia N. Jacob B. Malavika R. Aaron P. Ahmed H., Ellie T., Cooper L. (7)        
Sophomores:   Sahanya B., Katherine S., Ellie G., Anna B. Hallie R., Brooklyn D., Justin S., Brandon T. Hannah H. (9)
Juniors:            Safra S. Mariam S. Luke A., , Gabrielle M. (4) 
Seniors:           MiAngila G., Jack R., Johnny L., Calvin T., Jake U., Josh B., Miranda T., Isaiah L. Barry Z., Caitlyn , Nicole Jia (11)
Adults:             Father Marlin, Mr Evan Walter, Dr Wesley Fryer, Mr. Kelly, Dr. Sara Price, Mrs. Small,Mrs Clay, Dr. Carlos Torres

Cyclone servant leaders ate lunch and shared "their service spark" with Mr. Gene Rainbolt, benefactor of the Service-Learning Program. The lunch hosts were YAC Co-Presidents Miranda M. and Isaiah L.  

The Rainbolt Family has an endowment at the Oklahoma Community Foundation for the service learning program to be part of the Casady education for perpetuity. Mr. Rainbolt received yearly reports from the program director at first. Then, reports came in the form of informal conversations with YAC students about the difference they were making in the community.  

The lunch dialog was a collaborative reflection of what Cyclones are doing to be the change they want to see. Freshmen Saadia N. and Aaron P. created a PP with sample YAC projects and Mrs. Carmen Clay, Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair reported on the program of the current academic year with a PP, which will also support a Cyclone showcase at the 28th National Service-Learning Conference in Anaheim, California.  Freshman Cooper L. and sophomores Sahanya B. and Mason T. will be showcasing their projects and motivating youth and adults at the conference to bring similar initiatives to their communities.

As a token of Casady YAC's appreciation, Mr. Rainbolt received a t-shirt and roots of service drawings quilt designed by freshman Malavika R. under the guidance of our master quilter and CFO, Mrs Shirley Small.  YAC students learned how to make a quilt and how to sew as they created the quilt.  Mr. Rainbolt also received an orchid plant to add to his garden.

"Education changes the opportunity in life.  It might be a teacher, it might be a subject, (it might be a buddy or a mentor) but education as such is the lever that creates prosperity from poverty" -Gene Rainbolt