Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Random Acts of Kindness Week: Invitation to Participate

Random Acts of Kindness week (#RAKWeek2017), Feb 12-18, is an annual opportunity to unite through kindness. 

It all starts with one act – one smile, one coffee for a stranger, one favor for a friend. It’s an opportunity for participants to leave the world better than they found it and inspire others to do the same.


This seven-day celebration demonstrates that kindness is contagious. Catch someone doing an act of kindness and write it in our Rachel's Challenge: Kindness Chain Reaction Strips available at every building at bulletin boards in the UD and at teachers' lounges "kindness buckets" in all divisions.

Away from Casady!, turn in your kindness to https://randomactsof.us/register

This video was a creative, kind way to demonstrate similarities of a very diverse world.