Thursday, February 2, 2017

MD Kindness Project with Oklahoma Humane Society

The MD Service Club kicked-off their annual Oklahoma Humane Society helping Buddies Kindness Project on Feb. 2, 9:30AM, at St. Edward's Chapel with a visit from Susana Della Maddalena and adorable, Lucy, a rescued puppy from the Oklahoma Humane Society 

Ms. Maddalena presented a power point about the mission, vision and purpose of the Humane Society with cute animals, facts and stories about the animals, and shared lovely Lucy. 

Mrs. O'Melia, 7th grade English Teacher and  MD Service Coordinator stated, "The presentation was age appropriate and enjoyable. Lucy was darling and very well-behaved overall."   

See full PowerPoint Presentation here

The grade seven English students are writing persuasive adoption essays; we hope the writing assignments will be posted on Humane Society website or physical facility to influence visitors to adopt. Mrs. O'Melia will deliver donated items and the essays by the end of February.