Thursday, January 19, 2017

YAC meeting, 7:30 am, 1/23/2017 Harper with minutes

Suggested Agenda 
Mrs. Clay brought breakfast bars, Katherine sent the following minutes
Stuco walkathon
Sahanya's project
Ellie's project
Isaiah, Miranda, mangela, Grace, omar, sahanya, Ellie, safra, Mariam,
Caroline, cooper, saadia, claire, anna buckley, and katherine
(recording) Aaron Ahmed too
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Mr. Rainbolt will have lunch at Casady Wing with YAC and Cyclone Servant leadership on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.  If you signed-up before, please confirmed your attendance by placing your initials in the whiteboard sign-up giant post-it note.  

Here is what we have so far:
Freshmen:  Saadia N. Jacob B. Malavika R. Aaron P. Ahmed, Ellie T.

Sophomores:  Sahanya B., Katherine S., Ellie G., Anna B.

Juniors:  Safra S. Mariam S. Luke A.

Seniors: MiAngila G., Jack R., Johnny L., Calvin T., Jake U., Josh B., HOSTS:  Miranda T., Isaiah L.

Adults: will meet Mr. Rainbolt at noon at the Wing conference room.  Some will stay for lunch, others need to move on to lunch duties and meetings.
From the greater OKC Community: Joan K. (Respect Diversity Foundation)
Shannon P. (YLOKC-?), Buthiana J. (Mercy School Institute)
From Casady School: Casady Cares Team: Mr. Sheldon, Coach Bonfiglio, Coach T., Father Marlin, Father Blizzard, Father Youmans, Mr. Evan Walter, Dr. Wesley Fryer, Mr. Kelley, Dr. Sara Price, Mrs. Small, Mrs. Clay

If you want to attend, add your name! Saadia and Aaron are making a PP.  Please send them pictures of your projects.  Malavika is working on a grateful quilt for Mr. Rainbolt.

Tomorrow, during Activities, the hospitality chairs will celebrate YAC members b-days.  Please let Sahanya, Anna and/or Hannah know if you will be attending so we will get the needed number of cupcakes for the party!  

Tomorrow, we will also start making Caring Hands and YAC quilt patches.  This will be ongoing on Tuesdays during Activities and the double during the month of February, Kindness Month!

 New Projects

1. Mrs. Finley's proposal On parking lot

2 Homeless Alliance: Perfect Pair  Ellie will look at the calendar and see best date.  She is considering March or April (maybe the same week of National Volunteer Week, which is at the end of April)

3. YAC B&GClub Buddies:  Sahaya stated that she wants to go to Boys and Girls Club at least once a month with a YAC group.  She will start organizing visits in the month of February.

4. Caring Hands-Hands on Poverty:   Gabrielle and Mallory did not attend the meeting.  Mrs. Clay will promote their project on Tuesday. 

6. National Foreign Language Week:  March 5-11: UCO Japanese students @ Harper On parking lot

5. Showcase at National Service Learning Conference: March 22-25th Sahanya, and Cooper explained that they will be attending.  They are applying to showcase their projects.

6. Random Acts of Kindness Week-Kindness Challenge- Rachael's Challenge: Copper will bring Rachel's Challenge to the attention of the Upper Division and the MD if approved on Friday 1/27/207.  Update:  This project will be for the UD only the first week of February.  
Kindness Week Resources  TeachersPayTeachers free curriculum resources

#WeHoldTheseTruths and #KindnessNation are the hashtags we’re using on social media as well as on TpT to help you find the resources you need. We’re tackling issues like:
  • Democracy and civics, Critical thinking and examining media bias, The history of civil rights and suffrage
  • Kindness, empathy, and compassion,  Anti-bullying and anti-racism, Equality and inclusion for all people
  • Understanding and respecting of cultural differences
Free resources for Primary teachers
Upper Elementary


You can find dozens more forever-free printables on these topics by browsing on TpT using the hashtag #weholdthesetruths (or #kindnessnation for resources centered more specifically on just kindness.) You might also want to download these free K-12 posters and activities for resisting racism and bigotry and middle/high school resources for talking about policing and violence with youth. They’re very well done so I wanted to mention them even though they aren’t related to what we’re doing on TpT.
It’s my hope that these resources make it easier for you to support our students and help them become kind, compassionate, responsible citizens."  Adrienne B. Elder, MPH, CHES, Research, Grants & Evaluation, Consultant/Facilitator, 405-426-5431AdrienneBallewElder@gmail.comebConsultingOkc@gmail.comConnect via LinkedIn:

7. National Foreign Language Week:  Japanese UCO students in Harper and Turkish language teacher NFL Organizer-speaker at chapel:  Mrs. Clay On Parking Lot

8. National Volunteer Week: Presidential Awards, Chapel Speaker, Celebration Activity:  Mrs. Clay On parking lot

9. 2016-2017 Fedex, Strategic Planning: Safra and Mariam  On parking lot

10. Miranda's project On parking lot

Project Updates

1. Track for Johnson Elementary: Aaron explained that his project was moving forward very slowly.  He will have a meeting with stakeholders on 1/26/2017 at Johnson elementary

2. Roots of Service Quilt: Malavika is making the freshman quilt.  The quilt will be a grateful gift for Mr. Rainbolt.  A second quilt will start soon, which will be featured at the National Service Learning Conference in Anaheim.  

Sahanya and Cooper will start a grateful quilt to take to the Conference as part of their possible showcase.  We might leave the quilt with the Shinnyo-en Foundation who provided $5,000 worth of t-shirts to the entire school to celebrate the International Day of Peace two consecutive years.  We used one of their reflective cards to reflect on the quilt patches.

3. Winter Coats for Centennial High School.  Mrs. Clay requested YAC members to bring winter coats to be delivered to Chef Kerry, a home economics teacher at the school.  Donations can be placed at the basket under the Giving Kindness Tree in Harper.

4. Mentoring Projects: 
Stanley Hupfeld Academy and Best Buddies On Parking lot  UPDATE Best Buddies will have their first visit as a team on February 7,2017.

5. Volunteers for Development Office: Taco truck will cater it.  It is cheaper and the group can get dessert if we do not have the taco truck on the premises. STUCO will be our collaborating partner.  Please sign up on sign-up genius sent directly to your email now! Isaiah said he will send sign-up genius link.  Mrs. Clay also sent the link to all the members

Come write notes to Casady's major donors thanking them for their generosity by sharing the impact that their gift has had on your educational experience. 

The event will be on March 7th at 12:30 p.m. in the Woolsey House Wing. Lunch from a local food truck will be provided courtesy of the Casady Development Office.

Please click on the link below to view the online sign-up sheet and thank you for playing a part in the success of the 2016-17 Casady Annual Fund! 

Again, thank you for partnering with the Development Office.

6. ISAS 50th Anniversary Arts Festival: Grace mentioned, T-shirts for volunteers.  How can YAC Help?  The service learning office is handling the ISAS adjudicators and volunteering the whole week until 10:00 pm. Grace said to volunteer through Coach T. and/or online.

7. Walk-A-Thon  When is it?  What type of help can YAC and the Service-Learning office provide? The Walk-A-thon will be in maybe.  No word on how YAC can connect and help yer.

8. Youth in Government State Conference 2017:   Casady has a team and the Service-Learning Program is sponsoring the attendance to the conference.  Luke A., Justin S, Catrin C., Anna B., Sahanya B.  Mrs. Clay will be the site supervisor.  UPDATE:  Mrs. Bek-gram will also supervise part of the conference because Mrs. Clay will have family from out of town that weekend.

9. Youth LEAD OKC- Day at the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum
-Cultural Tapestry Oklahoma Standard: An Oklahoma Cultural Tapestry Day at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.  The goal of the Youth LEAD experience is: To inform people of Oklahoma Teens' cultural diversity and break cultural divisions through listening   Memories of the retreat at
Targeted Audience: 8th graders originally, but now is 9th grade teens because the museum has received a grant to bring teens to the museum free of charge, including money for transportation.  Target date: February or early April.  YLOKC will meet on Fridays at 1:10 to follow-up.  ON PARKING LOT.

10.  Cleats for Kids 2017 Competition with Heritage Hall  Caitlyn G. spoke at chapel and the drive is a go for the week ending in 1/27/2017.

I spoke with Ryan Murry from Heritage Hall. We talked about a “Casady vs. Heritage” idea where the two schools would work together to raise donations for C4K while also competing against each other. It would be like a way to have a friendly competition with them in something even though we no longer play each other in sports. We looked at the calendar and on January 27, both schools have home basketball games. Casady starts at 7 and Heritage starts at 9. We think it would be best to hold the drive the entire week leading up to this day. Then, on the 27th, I am looking for a fast food restaurant that would be willing to give some of its proceeds from that night to the cause. 
“Johnnie’s Day” a % of the sales of people who mentioned Cleats for Kids when ordering will go to Cleats for Kids.   they were from Casady or Heritage will go to help the mission of Cleats for Kids. Finally on Monday, after all of the donations have been counted, the winner will be announced.

Information on Johnnie's Night fundraiser

Your organization or school group selects a day once a month, as your designated “Johnnie’s Night,” and all you do is
tell the order taker which group you are supporting, place your order, purchase your food, eat, and enjoy! 

Johnny's Night:  The percentage breakdown possible to earn:

Sales Up to $299.00 = 10%

$300.00 – $599.00 = 15%
$600.00 + = 20%

Arranging a “Johnnie’s Night” is easy!
 Contact our group coordinator at Johnnie’s Corporate Office
Monday through Friday from 8:00 – 5:00
Office Closed 12:00 – 1:00 for lunch

Please provide our group coordinator with the following information:
  1. The day of choice – Monday through Thursday (e.g. 1st Monday or 3rd Wednesday)
  2. Your location(s) of choice
Note: (Norman does not participate on Tuesday nights due to half price burgers)
  1. Will your event be recurring, short term, or a one time event?
  2. Your group’s name and complete mailing address. (The name will be how it is listed at the restaurant. The address is where your earned fundraising percentage check will be mailed.)
  3. A contact name, phone number(s), and email address.

If you phone when the office is closed, please leave a message with your name, phone number, and your organization or school groups’ name. Our representative will contact you on the next business day.  You can also contact us through our website at

Once you have set up your Johnnie’s Night, all you need to do is inform all your members and supporters of when and where to eat.  You may advertise this event via email, announcement, etc.; but we do ask that you do not solicit on our premises. 

Instruct your supporters to inform the order taker of their participation in your “Johnnie’s Night” for your group (we cannot credit your group without this information at time of order). 

We look forward to working with you on this and future fundraisers.  See you at Johnnie’s! 

 Project Reflections and Feedback
1. MLK Day 2017:  ON parking lot


Items from the floor  None were requested

Minutes from Last Meeting
Meeting, Harper, 7:30-8, 1/9/17
Attended: Isaiah, M'Angela, Claire R., Anna B, Saadia, Omar B, Sahanya, Ruby,
Ellison, and Katherine (recording)


Food truck and thank you notes for donors 25 preferred.  Send preference of Food Truck  to Development Office, Mrs. Jessica Snook

MLK day volunteers 40 max

Introduction of Father Marlin and MLK Day Speaker, Dr. Belinda Biscoe