Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thank you from ICS Hope-4-the Holidays Drive

Infant Crisis Services Hope for the Holidays Drive

Sophomore Katherine S. facilitated the Casady's drive to support ICS.  Katherine is a member of the ICS Teen Board and has volunteered there in the summers since she was 13. 

In 2015, she led the drive in the Primary and Lower Divisions and this year, she added the Upper Division. She was assisted by the fourth-grade class, the Casady YAC, the entire Lower, Primary, and Upper Divisions.  The Middle Division did not participate because they have an ongoing project during the holidays  The MD collects donations to educate a child at a sister school in Uganda, Bishop McAllister College.  

The 4th grader faculty team started the ICS project a few years ago. The Primary Division adopted the project and in 2015, Katherine connected the project to the Upper Division YAC as part of her Independent Study Course,"Classroom with a Cause".  In 2016, Katherine brought this project for the holidays to the entire Upper Division.  

Baby items donated were bottles, clothing, coats, hats, mittens, diapers, toys, and monetary donations for infant formula.  The high school had 5 days to bring donations and the drive competition ended on December 9, 2016.  The winning grade of an out of uniform and an extra out to lunch was the sophomore class. 

Upper Division students and faculty who continued to bring donations placed them under the Harper Wing Giving Tree and YAC members took them to the Giving Trees at the Lower and Primary Divisions where the drive continued until December 14, 2016.  The fourth graders delivered donations on December 15 in Casady vans and the Primary Division students transported their "baby store under the tree" to a very special ICS Santa Vehicle on December 16, after grandparents day. 

The ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive Team
Pictures courtesy of Casady's marketing department and 
LD and PD administrative assistants, Mrs. Maness and Mrs. Dillier

"I selected ICS because we, as the Casady Community, are so blessed in all that we have, in not only materials, but also connections with peers, teachers, and families to guide and assist us; however, others are not as fortunate, and often the little ones are left behind so I want to help the one in four babies who go hungry every night.  Thank you so much to all that participated and helped with the Hope for the Holidays Donation Drive. It was a huge success, and the generosity displayed was simply incredible. One girl, a Primary Division student, used all of the money she made this summer at a lemonade stand to buy a box of diapers bigger than she was", Katherine said. 

The LD and UD delivered 300 pounds  in donations to ICS.  Mrs. France and the Casady Staff helped the 4th graders pack donations. Mrs. France, Upper Division Director drove a group of 4th graders to the Infant Crisis Services warehouse to deliver the LD and MD donations.

The Upper and Lower Division collected: 
Cash $ 260.26 + Check $ 25.00-Total $ 285.26 for baby formula.  ICS reported that the final number of donations in pounds was 497.2 pounds! 

The PD filled the "Santa's Special ICS Van" with ICS wish list items from the "Baby store under the tree" on Friday, January 16, 2016.  







Super Cao Nguyen donated some sweets for the ICS Drive organizers to say thank you to the Casady teachers who helped the drive reminding students to bring donations and/or brought donations themselves.