Monday, January 23, 2017

Friday, 1/20/2017 Harper, Activities 1:10 pm

Youth LEAD OKC- Day at the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum
-Cultural Tapestry Oklahoma Standard: An Oklahoma Cultural Tapestry Day at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.  The goal of the Youth LEAD experience is: To inform people of Oklahoma Teens' cultural diversity and break cultural divisions through listening   Memories of the retreat at
Targeted Audience: 8th graders originally, but now is 9th-grade teens because the museum has received a grant to bring teens to the museum free of charge, including money for transportation.  Target date: February or early April.

Only Jack attended the meeting.  Cooper and Johnnie were out of town.  We will follow-up with YMCA after we contact Mrs. Lynne Porter regarding the best date for the museum and time frame from their point of view.  We will get the project to start the planning stage communicating with the chairs of each of the teams.  We will request e-mails.

Mrs. Clay will also contact Amira and Shannon.  We hope they can attend the next meeting at Casady. Youth LEAD OKCasady meets on Fridays at 1:10 pm.