Friday, January 27, 2017

Freshman Brings Kindness Chain Reaction to the Upper Division

I did Rachel’s Challenge last year in the middle division and it was a huge success. 

I decided that we should continue it here. Rachel’s Challenge is a way that we, as a Casady family can show more kindness. 

Bullying is when someone uses superior strength or influence to intimidate another, typically to force them to do what they want. People who are bullies normally want power due to something happening in their private life. When witnessing bullying, outsiders and those being bullied, don’t take action because of fear. 

*Rachel’s Challenge is a coordinated effort to stop bullying without coming face to face with the bully. The two parents of Rachel Joy Scott have started Rachel’s Challenge to continue their daughter’s legacy. Rachel made an impact on many people’s lives at her own school and decided to turn violence and hate into acts of kindness and compassion. She made an effort to stand up for those who were bullied, those who were different and those who were new to her school. *She made the most impact though when the Columbine school shooting killed 12 students, including Rachel Scott, 1 teacher, and injured 24. After her death, many students that Rachel reached out to shared stories with the Scotts about the profound impact her simple acts of kindness had on their lives; even preventing one young man from taking his own life. 

*Police found journals, drawings, and essays all done by Rachel that have inspired people to be kind. One drawing being of Rachel’s hands with the words, “These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of hearts,” written inside. Now after finding all her empowering quotes and essays her parents have used them to change 23 million people’s lives. *Rachel once wrote, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go.

” We are now going to watch a video that Rachel’s brother created for kindness week 2012. 

*Rachel’s desire to spread kindness have inspired people around the world to write down on strips of paper when someone is kind to them, or when they see kindness happening. Then they make it into a chain. So we are going to try creating our own chain. 

*Rachel had written down, five things she thought people needed to do to show kindness. They are: 

So starting today we will start our own chain reaction of kindness. *The strips of paper are in every building and when you see kindness happening write it down. Then put your slip in the pouch next to where you got it. 


*I can’t wait to see how kind Casady Upper Division can be.