Tuesday, January 17, 2017

For Reflection:
Before moving onto Mission #5, take a moment to reflect on yesterday’s mission. If you haven't done so, report your experiences for Mission #4 on the Compassion Report Map! I did not get this mission until too late.  After I do it, I will write my thoughts
Our final mission, Agents, is to honor Muhammad Ali - a Heavyweight Champion of Compassion - by celebrating his 75th BIRTHDAY!
When Muhammad Ali - then known as Cassius Clay - was 12 years old, he received a red Schwinn bicycle. 

This bicycle marked a new chapter in young Cassius’s life, because the bike represented freedom. He was able to go wherever he wanted to go as a responsible young man.

Well, fortunately for him that didn’t last too long. Upon going into a shop to receive some free snacks, he returned outside to discover that his new red bike had been stolen.

Young Cassius was deservedly outraged. He swore he would find whoever did this and "give them a whooping!" A police officer named Joe Elsby heard Cassius’s story, and asked if he knew how to fight. Cassius said he didn’t.

So Joe taught Cassius how to box, and Cassius decided not to beat up the bike thief after all. Instead, he dedicated his heart and passion to the gift that he loved. Cassius, after years of extreme dedication and courage, become known as Muhammad Ali, the most celebrated athlete of all time.
He would later call this event his “Red Bike Moment.”

Ali was “The Greatest” not simply because of his skill in the boxing ring, but because of what his boxing matches stood for on behalf of the progress of human rights everywhere. He made a stand and refused to fight in an unjust war. What his fights stood for was not only unpopular, but sometimes dangerous.

As we have explored, this is the essence of courage: to do something despite fear, despite danger, because it is the right thing to do. 

Today’s mission, Agents, is to honor Muhammad Ali’s 75th birthday by becoming more of yourself, and to use your greatest strengths for the greatest good... to become your greatest! As Muhammad Ali says, "Be great, do great things!"

Each of us are confronted with “Red Bike Moments” every single day. When something happens to us that is hard or challenging, do we choose to react out of anger? Or do we respond with patience and the intention to seek greater understanding and self-growth, asking: “What can I learn here? How can I use my greatest strengths to make this situation better for others and myself?

Agents, by using our greatest strengths for the greater good, we grow stronger, more beautiful, and compassionate. By doing so, we give back to the world in a way that only we can!

Muhammad Ali said:

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your time here on earth."

Good luck, Agents!
Agents, remember... As you fulfill your final mission, share your experiences on the Compassion Report Map! Your report inspires others, amplifying the power of your compassion and generosity!

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