Thursday, January 5, 2017

FEDEX Time, Sunday, January 8th, 3:00-5:00 pm at Harper

Topics of the Meeting:

Winter term agenda - personal projects?  Miranda will be working on her project and will announce dates soon.  The collection of winter clothing for Centennial High follow-up from Katherine yer.

Spring term agenda and planning  On parking lot until Monday: Student leaders were not at the meeting

Lunch with Mr. Rainbolt, need list of who and who isn't going Students signed-up at Harper.  We hoped to have a quilt ready to give to Mr. Rainbolt, but due to snow day, we do not think we will have the quilt ready.  We will deliver the quilt to him at a later date.  Katherine and Saadia are working on a slide show of pictures to be played during the lunch.  The PP will serve as a reflection of the year that was 2016.

Anything you would like to add!
1. Review of the offices and the schedule.  Some officers have not sent their descriptions.
Pre: Works with VP (Has to have been in YAC for at least two years.  Seniors or Juniors)
Vice: Works with P (Steps in for President if Pres. is unable to attend a meeting)
Secretary: Records notes on blog (Any grade)
Treasurer: Handle YAC funding from Fall Fest and decides where it goes (Junior or Senior)
Grade Reps/Grade Project Chairs:  Persons the YAC member can go to with questions that van be brought up to the presidents or Mrs. Clay.  They take care of advertising event in their buildings (2 per grade)
Photograph/Social Media Manager:  Takes pictures during events and meetings (any grade).  Talks to Miss. Derrick about posting events on the Casady School Instagram.  Works closely with the Secretary

Social Chairs: Brings snacks and celebrates birthdays.  Also provides get to know each other multicultural activities.  Students with these positions were not at the meeting.  They will add to the description of this office Monday.
Calendar Manager:  Sets up the calendar for year and updates it as needed.  The officer was not at the meeting.  Will follow up at a later YAC meeting.

2. Making a reflective PP of 2017 to share with Mr. Rainbolt.  Katherine will get this started, but it will be nice to go over the blogs and get the pictures you all would like to share with Mr. Rainbolt as a review of the year.  The PP will be silent.  Saadia started working on this.  We also know that Katherine was hoping to get started during the weekend.

3. MLK Day: Flyer, introduction of speaker, letter for the Courier.   Isaiah and Omar took care of this. Isaiah created the flyer. He will announce the speaker tomorrow. Omar will announce the service opportunity on MLK Day at the Food Bank.   Mrs. Clay and Katherine S. will write the letter for the Courier.

4. Quilt Project  starts tomorrow.  Goal: Make three quilts by the end of the school year.  this project was created to give seniors an opportunity to serve on campus to finish their service requirement for graduation.

5. Kindness Week On parking lot
6. Scrapbook and Archives Project On parking lot
7. YAC brochure for 2017-2018  On parking lot
8. National Service Learning Conference- Reflection and Peace Week 2017
9. National Volunteer Week;  Presidential Award, Global Youth Service Day Project
10. Mentoring Projects: Stanley Hupfeld and Best Buddies

Contact Mariam and I if you have questions!

Attended:  Miranda, Isaiah, MiAngela, Omar,  Mariam, Safra, Saadia, Ahmeed, Aaron, Mrs. Clay

There is a new sign-up sheet for January to June.  Hours for YAC August to December were updated in files, transcript and report card.  

January 5, 2017 | Volume 24, No. 1
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Each year the PEYA program honors a wide variety of projects developed by young individuals, school classes (kindergarten through high school), summer camps, public interest groups, and youth organizations to promote environmental awareness. Up to two winners will be selected from each of 10 regions - one for Grades K-5 and one for Grades 6-12. Each award-winning project will receive a Presidential plaque.  

Alyssa Castille (9, Garden Grove, California) is a passionate fighter against hate and racism. She created the "I AM" organization that tackles color-based discrimination and hate, and embraces human value and individuality regardless of color and race. Alyssa's creativity gave birth to badges which have a color on them and the description of what the color stands for. Alyssa's 1st creation was I AM BLACK, which stands for Beautiful (B), Loving (L), Awesome (A), Confident (C) and Kind (K). According to her, all human beings are black since all of the people are these things. She implements her campaign through visiting local police stations and giving out the buttons and spreading the message of love and respect for each other. 


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At a time when specific groups of students are being targeted, we must ensure that those students specifically know that their schools welcome them and that they will be safe. Nine leading national education organizations to announce a national call to action affirming the right of all students to attend school in an environment free from fear, violence, and intimidation, including those who are black, brown, undocumented, LGBTQ, Muslim, and/or living with disabilities.
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"Put a Little Love in Your Heart"- Jackie DeShannon

"Think of your fellow man
Lend him a helping hand
Put a little love in your heart
If you want the world to know
We won't let hatred grow
Put a little love in your heart
And the world will be a better place
For you and me,
you just wait and see!"

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