Saturday, January 14, 2017

Courageous Service, Mission 2: A woven quilt

Before moving on to Mission #2, take a moment to reflect on yesterday’s mission.  If you haven't done so, report your reflections on the Compassion Report Map!
Today’s mission, Agents, is all about US.

As in all of us together, and the power we have when we bring our individual stories together with courage and work as one human team!
Remember your answers from yesterday? They were intended to help identify your natural gifts and passions - a.k.a. what makes you feel fully alive! -  and align them with a cause that is closest to your heart.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said:
“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.”
Muhammad Ali said:
"Don’t count the days; make the days count."
Dr. King’s and Muhammad Ali’s lives were vibrant inspiring because they gave their gifts to the world freely in service. They made their days count! But here's the thing... we each can! And by doing so we brighten up the whole world!

Our second mission is to unleash our greatness through service. In honor of Dr. King and Muhammad Ali, find a way to give your gifts to the cause you wrote down yesterday that speaks deeply to your heart. What are you fighting for?  The Cause was advocacy for MLK Day.  The gift I gave was of time.  I made a quilt patch of my roots and fruits of service, I volunteer with YAC to do something to help hungry OKC children because I am fighting for hunger to be something children read in history books.

It might be about the protecting and restoring the Earth and the environment. It might be about creating equal rights for women, people of color, children, and members of the LGBTQ community. It might be about healing masculinity, supporting those with disabilities, making laws more just, providing education to those who need it, protecting animals, and many others!

Each need in the world is linked to all the others! If each person gives their gifts to a cause in the way that only they can, the great quilt of humanity will be held together by many small acts of kindness. Our gifts and stories come together to make a magnificent tapestry of the human spirit!
Good luck, Agents!

Be inspired by Common's music video to see how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for justice and freedom! 

Agents, remember... As you fulfill your mission, share your experiences on theCompassion Report Map! Your report inspires others, amplifying the power of your compassion and generosity!

Partners in Compassion!
Thank you to our wonderful, inspiring partners in compassion for making this coopetition possible. Learn more about the incredible work and vision of Service for PeacePoints of Light, and the Ali Center!