Monday, December 5, 2016

YAC ICS Hope for the Holidays meeting Tuesday, 12/6, Activities @ Harper


HOPE for the HOLIDAYS ICS Drive Begins on Monday 9/5 and ends 9/9

Bring your donations to the Giving Trees at UD Student Center and Xmas trees by the offices at the LD and PD

UD ICS Giving Tree in place
This is the first year the UD is participating in this drive
YAC Secretary Katherine S. is facilitating this project for the second year
YAC hopes this project will become a legacy project like Casady Cans Do
YAC will meet Tuesday to decorate the tree and proceed to receive donations

Primary Division Giving Tree
This is the third year the PD is participating in this drive
Some classes make special gifts for the ICS  infants.
Cyclones learn how to wrap presents in the skills for life classes.

A great number of donations arrived the first day of the drive at the LD
The fourth graders have been organizing this project for 5 years. 
4th graders made posters to motivate the entire division to
Give Hope to Infant and Toddlers during the Holidays

Have you been playing the Giving Games: Youth and Schools Pay it Forward?  Today's Mission was perfect for our Hope for the Holidays Drive.  We are giving great friendship to infants and toddlers we do not know by meeting some of their most essential needs with our donations.  GO CYCLONES!

Reflect On Yesterday's Mission

Before moving on to your seventh mission, take a moment to reflect on yesterday’s mission. What was it like to put someone else’s needs before your own? Did you find that giving your time to help another gave you something in return? How many people in your life give their time to you so that you can feel well-taken care of, safe, and happy, and how can you return their kindness to them?

Your seventh mission, Agents, is to make a new friend.
Find someone in your school or community that you’ve never spoken to before, and strike up a conversation. Ask them about their teacher, or how their day is going. Tell them about your favorite book or movie. Invite them to do your favorite activity at school with you, or ask if you can join in on theirs. You may find you have something in common!
Agents, your compassion powers are growing! As you fulfill your mission, share your experiences on the Compassion Report Map! Your report inspires others, amplifying the power of your compassion and generosity!

On December 10th, Human Rights Day, the Giving Games will culminate in a global “Wopida,” which is an Octei Sakowin Thanksgiving Ceremony. This Wopida will be led by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Chief Phil, and Faith Spotted Eagle, and brings together Indigenous communities, youth, interfaith leaders, and intergenerational allies to honor the blessings of life, light the spirit of giving, and support water protectors at Sacred Sites such as Standing Rock in North Dakota and around the world.

During the Giving Games, we will Pray With Standing Rock and “Build a Global Fire” that leads up to the Global Wopida. The next Prayer can be RSVPed at here. Build a Global Fire is a collective activity where Agents of Compassion and all allies...
  1. Light an honoring flame (such as a candle), then...
  2. Take a video (or photo) stating what you are grateful for, and sharing what your intentions are for the human family.
  3. Participants then share their creation on social media with the hashtag #GlobalFire on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or the Compassion Report Map!

When: 11/29 through 12/10
Where: Everywhere, All At Once!
Why: Solidarity to Protect Mother Earth!

Each day during the Giving Games, the Compassion Torch will be passed to a different Champion of Compassion. For Day 7 of the Giving Games, we are so deeply grateful to pass the Compassion Torch from the United Religions Initiative (URI) to the Earth Guardians, a tribe of young activists, artists, and musicians from around the world stepping up as leaders, and offering a powerful voice that cannot be ignored.