Tuesday, December 13, 2016

YAC and Youth LEADOKCasady connected


Attendance: Evelyn Dominguez (YLOKC), Mrs. Lynne Porter, Director of Education of National Memorial and Museum, Ellie G (YAC), Johnny L (YAC/YLOKCasady), Jack R (YLOKCasady), Angela J (Youth LEAD OKCasady), Cooper L (YLOKCasady),  any student wanting to be part of YLOKCasady unable to attend the training at Camp Classen.Hallie R. (YLOKC)

1. Reflection of Camp Classen Retreat  30 minutes
Projects for the Homeless Connections  (Evelyn Dominguez, Ellison Guzzy)
Evelyn was unable to attend, therefore, the group who attended the retreat shared their recollection of Evelyn's proposal and connected to the experiences Ellie has had with the Homeless Alliance.  
What they are? Housing, interview clothing, and healthy food for the homeless (Evelyn).  Ellie's family experiences with the Homeless Alliance because her mom is a member of the board and her personal experience as a result of her project last year, the Perfect Pair, when she personally visited the Westown Campus http://homelessalliance.org/
How they can connect? The first connection is to visit the Westown Campus as a group and see what the real needs are and how a group of teens could overcome age restrictions and serve together.
When could the connection turn ideas into action: Tentatively, the group will meet next Friday, at 1:10 to follow-up.  Hope Evelyn can attend then.
To do list  and next meeting location and time  Meet at 1:10 at Harper on Friday,

Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum Listening Experience ( Natalie Hugos, Jack Ryan, Johnny Lee, Angela Jarjoura, Cooper Lindstrom)  Natalie was not able to attend, but the rest of the group reflected on what the project was to Lynne Porter, Museum's Director of Education.

-What is the YLOKC project? A Youth LEAD facilitated visit to the museum/memorial/STEM Lab, which is the museum educational tour with a first responder testimonial followed by a cultural fest staged by the Youth LEADERS ending in a listening activity as a reflection of the visit.

- "YLOKCasady dress rehearsal of sorts" during MLK Day 2016;  Youth LEAD OKCasady team did not embrace this idea, therefore, this will not be an option on MLK Day.
* Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and How Much

2. Invitations  5 minutes
Skype with Youth LEAD Sharon  Carmen Clay (YAC/-YLOKCasady mentor)
National Service Learning Conference in California- Application to showcase YAC//YLOKC (Mason T, Cooper L.,  Ellie G. Katherine S.)
TIDE Conference in Boston, Memorial Weekend 2017 (Johnny L)