Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Global Wopida Ceremony

December 10th - International Human Rights Day

Share the Transforming Spirit of Standing Rock World-Wide
Prayerfully Ignite a Six Month Global Fire of Gratitude and Compassion

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Dear Friends,

We, The World is Co-Sponsoring this extraordinary day with Compassion GamesUnifyCharter For Compassion and many other global partners in support of Standing Rock on Human Rights Day December 10th. The schedule and other details are still being worked out, so please visit the Facebook Page periodically for complete information including Participation Links and Updates.

This Day of Global Wopida is the culmination of the Giving Games (November 29th - December 10th) the unique and inspiring global challenge created by the Compassion Games, a Leading Participant in 11 Days of Global Unity (which was launched by We, The World and our partners worldwide in 2004). 

Below are more details including a Tentative Schedule for the Saturday Dec. 10th events, which include a live Tele-Conference planned for 1PM USA Eastern Time that I (Rick Ulfik) will be co-hosting with Compassion Games founder Jon Ramer featuring Hereditary Chief, Phil Lane Jr. and others. 

Thank you for participating in this inspiring event from wherever you are in the world.

And thank you for being part of the WE Campaign. As our Advisory Board Member Jonathan Granoff says: "I hope WE expands so much there is no longer any THEM!" Your generous Support will help to make that a reality!

Rick Ulfik
Founder of We, The World and the WE Campaign at
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Global Wopida Ceremony - December 10 - 
International Human Rights Day
Share the Transforming Spirit of Standing Rock World-Wide
Chief Phi lLane Jr. 

Hereditary Chief, Phil Lane Jr.

"This spiritual understanding of Wopida requires each of us to live with honor, compassion, love, respect and harmony with all life. This spiritual understanding recognizes that the Hurt of One is the Hurt of All and the Honor of One is the Honor of All and that we are intimately related as an integral part of all Life. We are all relatives!"
Saturday, December 10th
On Saturday, December 10, International Human Rights Day, a collective of global partners will host a Global Wopida Ceremony, an unprecedented day of unified, prayerful, action.

December 10th Events

(Note: This schedule is subject to change. Please check the Facebook Page periodically for updates)

11:00 AM USA Eastern Time / 4:00 PM GMT
Pray With Standing Rock: Synchronized Prayer and Meditation
Standing Rock, North Dakota

12:00 noon USA Eastern Time / 5:00 PM GMT
Sustaining Life On Earth: Sunrise Ceremony at Convention on Biological Diversity Hosted by Cancun, Mexico

1:00 PM USA Eastern Time / 6:00 PM GMT
Telesummit: What WE can do together to create a world that works for all?

Also on this Day
Compassion Walk: Compassionate Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Connecting “Standing Rocks” All Over the Earth: Tsleil Waututh and Kinder Morgan
Vancouver, British Columbia

Closing Ceremony

The December 10th Global Wopida Ceremony will be broadcast around the world, during the UN COP13 Convention on Biodiversity,  from Cancun, Mexico, in partnership with the Alianza Mesoamericana de Pueblos y Bosques, The Mesoamerican Alliance of People and Forests. 

What is a "Wopida"?
"Wopida" is a Dakota word with profound, infinite, eternal meaning and transforming spiritual energy. The purpose of the December 10th Global Wopida Ceremony is to be thankful and grateful for whatever Life bestows on us, knowing that every test and challenge comes into our lives for our spiritual growth and upliftment!

"Whenever our souls and the innermost chambers of our heart are filled with thanksgiving and gratitude, it becomes filled with compassion, love, understanding, forgiveness, joy, happiness and oneness and there is no room for fear, hate, prejudice, revenge, jealousy, loneliness, disunity or separation from ourselves and other Members of our Human Family." Dakota and Chickasaw Elder and Spiritual Leader, Phil Lane Jr.