Monday, December 5, 2016

Mission 6: Lending a helping hand

Reflect On Yesterday's Mission

Before moving on to your sixth mission, take a moment to reflect on yesterday’s mission. When you created the thank you card yesterday, did it make you see the person in a new way? Were you more aware than usual of how hard this person works, and how much they contribute? How did the person react when you delivered the card? How do you think it impacted this person’s day?

I will deliver the e-mails and personal appreciation today  I will update my reflection then.
Agents, your sixth mission is to lend a helping-hand to your home or neighborhood!
Ask your parents or guardians how you can help out around your home, and happily do that for them. If you have neighbors who may need a little assistance, ask them with the permission of a parent or guardian if there is anything you can do to be of service to them.

You’ll be surprised at how surprised their reactions are! Your acts of service and kindness will make a big difference for them and make you feel really good, too!
Agents, remember... As you fulfill your mission, share your experiences on the Compassion Report Map! Your report inspires others, amplifying the power of your compassion and generosity!

On December 10th, Human Rights Day, the Giving Games will culminate in a global “Wopida,” which is an Octei Sakowin Thanksgiving Ceremony. This Wopida will be led by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Chief Phil, and Faith Spotted Eagle, and brings together Indigenous communities, youth, interfaith leaders, and intergenerational allies to honor the blessings of life, light the spirit of giving, and support water protectors at Sacred Sites such as Standing Rock in North Dakota and around the world.

During the Giving Games, we will Pray With Standing Rock and “Build a Global Fire” that leads up to the Global Wopida. The next Prayer can be RSVPed at here. Build a Global Fire is a collective activity where Agents of Compassion and all allies...
  1. Light an honoring flame (such as a candle), then...
  2. Take a video (or photo) stating what you are grateful for, and sharing what your intentions are for the human family.
  3. Participants then share their creation on social media with the hashtag #GlobalFire on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or the Compassion Report Map!
When: 11/29 through 12/10
Where: Everywhere, All At Once!
Why: Solidarity to Protect Mother Earth!

Each day during the Giving Games, the Compassion Torch will be passed to a different Champion of Compassion. For Day 6 of the Giving Games, we are excited to pass the Compassion Torch from the International Institute for Child Rights Development (IICRD) to the United Religion's Initiative (URI)! URI has taken up the Compassion Torch for the second Compassion Games coopetition in a row, and we are continuously inspired by their work to bring interfaith peace to reality.