Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Best Buddies and Youth in Government meet before the break

Meetings took place Thursday, January 15 during Activities at Harper (Youth in Government) and Chapel (Best Buddies).  Meeting were facilitated by student project chairs, Luke A.(YinG) and Zac C.(BB)

Youth in Government  Agenda and Minutes
Follow-up information registration for state conferece and Q&A
Inspirational chapel speech from Whitney Chandler and conference video introduce the YMCA program at Chapel.

Ms. Clay is going to be the sponsor from Casady. We have 10-15 students who are interested in going.
 www.ymcaokc.org/yag to find more information. There is also a link to registering at the website.  The YAC student chair of this project is junior Luke A.

Once registered you can make a check out to YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City and give it to Carmen, or you call me and make payment over the phone.  Payment will be due by February 1st.
Register by December 20th - $200     Register between December 21st – January 12th - $225
Direct Questions to: 
Whitney Chandler
Director of Teen Leadership Intiatives
500 North Broadway, Suite 100 Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Interested students
Juniors: Luke A., Jack T., Justin S.Safra and Mariam S. Brandon T , Justin S.
Freshmen: Julia B. Jacob B., Aaron P., Ford W., Saadia N., Caitrin C.

Best Buddies Agenda and Minutes
Best Buddies first official meeting: Information about the Club. YAC student chair of this project is Zac C.

Three goals of BB:
1. Leadership involvement
2. Integrated employment
3. One to one friendships 

What we will do:
Basically we will create one to one friendships between people with and without IDD and will host events so you'll be able to get together with your buddy individually and also together in a group

Where we will work:
We are working with Special Care okc to pair kids there with kids here

To do list:  The next step:
--We will visit Special Care and then have a meetup
-- Maybe a bowling pizza party for meetup
 Lastly, i will send a link to best buddies online where you have to complete the membership application. Fill out contact information and then proceed with the membership app then just send me a text when you have completed so i can log in and authorize it
--Need membership apps done before break starts, so i can work on the best buddies online over the break