Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Agenda for 12/6/2016 meeting and minutes


Happy Saint Nicholas Day! Hope you will view at home.  We did not have time to view it.  Meeting facilitators: Safra and Mariam agenda keepers.  Saadia took pictures and helped Co-Vice Presidents


Cyclone Giving Trees Grow Friendship Roots for ICS OKC Babies and Toddlers

 Lower Division leading the second day!

 Primary Division steadily bringing donations!

 UD having a great start!

Items from the Floor
a. When are the mentoring programs starting?  We were hoping to have updates from student facilitators, but we did not hear from them yet.

b. Aaron reported that the cost of his project is huge and will take perhaps several years to complete.  He is considering taking classroom with a cause to focus on this project more.  

1. Hope for the Holidays Katherine,
Drive started.  The cost of the tree was $136.  Service-Learning provided Katherine with $100. Thank you to her family who donated the difference for YAC to have a beautiful giving tree for future projects.  Mrs. Clay called this meeting for last minute needs of the drive, but everything is in working order and donations are being gathered under the YAC Giving Tree in the Student Center.

YAC members are encouraged to bring donations the rest of the week.   ICS will collect donations from the tree on Friday, December 9th.

2. Holiday decoration of Harper by YAC
1) Since Katherine did not need YAC for H-4-H, Mrs. Clay asked for Harper to be decorated for the holidays by YAC. Candy canes for everyone who attended from Sam's.  We used available supplies and our imagination.  We did not finish.  Anyone wanting to help us decorate is welcome.  

ON Parking lot for next meeting:  We also need to make thank you cards to be placed in each division with the traditional "Thank you Service-Learning Program" Panettone.  Peace Week, Food Drive and Hope for the Holidays have greater reach because of the collaborations we have with them.  
We will move the tree to Harper on Friday to have it ready for the next meeting.

YAC Planning Team/Executive Board Strategic Planning On Parking Lot
a) When will the next meeting be and what is the agenda?  
b) If you have not sent Mrs. Clay your description of your office, please send it to her via e-mail ASAP.  In Green are the ones who have provided descriptions

YAC: 67 members  Active 12-24

YAC Planning team/Executive Board
Co-Presidents:  Miranda & Isaiah  Vice-Presidents: Safra and Mariam, Calendar/Scheduling Manager: Ellie G, Secretary:    Katherine S. Treasurer:  Johnnie L Social Media: Grace P.Social/Hospitality Managers: Hannah H. Sahanya B. Anna B.
Grade Chairs: Project Chairs/Project Facilitators
Seniors:  Cathy Zesiger(STUCO-Walk-A-Thon?) Erik R.(School mentors), Miranda (Humane Society?), Isaiah (MLK Day ?), Nicole J. (Kindness Week ?)
Juniors:  Mallory (Boys and Girls Club Global Youth Service Day ?), Gabrielle (Food Drive 2016 Global Youth Service Day), Luke A. (Voters Registration, Elections 2016, YMCA Youth in Government), Zac Conner (Best Buddies), Safra and Mariam (Food Drive 2016)
Sophomores:  Sahanya (Children's Hospital ? ), Mason (Peace Week: Peace Silhouettes), Ellie (Food Drive 2016, Perfect Pair Drive for Homeless Alliance), Katherine S. (ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive)
Freshmen:  Ahmed H., Saadia N (Food Drive 2016)
Faculty: Peace Week, Food Drive
Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Bek-gran, Father Blizzard, Father Youmans, Mrs. Seitter, Mrs. Pardue, Dr. Torres, Mrs. France, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs.  Robertson, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Lopez (Peace Week), Mrs. Price (Food Drive)

Miranda and Isaiah,  
Blood Drive: On parking lot.  The speaker will be at chapel on Thursday.  He already sent video to Father Blizzard, but no bio yet.

b) What are the emerging plans for MLK Day?  http://casadyacleads.blogspot.com/2016/11/yac-meeting-after-finals-monday_78.html  On Parking Lot, Isaiah is working at it.

c) What is the best date for interested YAC board and members to have lunch at the Wing or community room?  He is unable to come to Casady this coming Tuesday because of a Bank First Board Meeting.  Mr. Rainbolt is available on the following dates: Miranda made an excecutive decision: Tuesday, January 17.  Mrs. Clay will check availability of Wing where most YAC members want to eat!
Safra and Mariam, 
What updates do you have on the idea of strategic planning time for 2016?  Safra and Mariam will facilitate the strategic planning.  3 hours the first Saturday in January at Harper, food catered by favorite restaurnat.  Time TBA by Safra and Mariam

Are you playing the Youth and Schools Pay it Forward Giving Games?  On parking lot

Reflect On Yesterday's Mission

Before moving on to your eighth mission, take a moment to reflect on yesterday’s mission. What was the hardest part of talking to someone new? Some people make new friends quickly, others need time to get used to someone new. What do you like or dislike about meeting new people? What qualities do you look for in a new friend?
Your eighth mission, Agents, is to give yourself forgiveness.

Think of a situation in your life recently in which you felt hurt and connected your hurt feelings to something someone else had done. You may have even blamed this other person for your hurt feelings, saying something like, "You made me mad!" Sometimes, even just remembering what happened can make you feel hurt all over again. In fact, did that happen to you now?

Take time today to notice that the hurt feelings you experienced or are experiencing exist inside YOU. That's right, the feelings come from what you are thinking and remembering in the moments in which you have them, whether this is two months ago or even now. But here's the catch: you can learn to control your feelings, rather than having them control you. It just takes practice. To do this, first recognize what you are feeling, and maybe even give your feelings names like sadness or anger. It might help to talk to someone you trust about what you are feeling.

Next, try to identify if you are blaming someone else for what you are feeling. If so, remember that you can control your feelings because they are yours. And you are probably having them because something didn't happen the way you think it should. Maybe a friend said something mean about you. That's not what any of us want to have happen!

This is where forgiveness comes in. It's been shown that true forgiveness takes place when people let go of their hurt feelings and replace them with positive feelings. This doesn't mean forgetting what happened, no. It's about a decision you make to see the situation differently. Maybe your friend was having a hard day or wanted something you have. It's not that they really believe what they said about you. It was just the easiest way they knew to express their unhappiness.

A really common response to feeling hurt is to want another person to feel hurt. That's called trying to get revenge and when we do it, we just make situations worse. Learning to focus instead on how to be happy and live a good life is the best way to let go of hurt feelings and practice forgiveness.
Agents, remember... As you fulfill your mission, share your experiences on the Compassion Report Map! Your report inspires others, amplifying the power of your compassion and generosity!

On December 10th, Human Rights Day, the Giving Games will culminate in a global “Wopida,” which is an Octei Sakowin Thanksgiving Ceremony. This Wopida will be led by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Chief Phil, and Faith Spotted Eagle, and brings together Indigenous communities, youth, interfaith leaders, and intergenerational allies to honor the blessings of life, light the spirit of giving, and support water protectors at Sacred Sites such as Standing Rock in North Dakota and around the world.

During the Giving Games, we will Pray With Standing Rock and “Build a Global Fire” that leads up to the Global Wopida. Build a Global Fire is a collective activity where Agents of Compassion and all allies...
  1. Light an honoring flame (such as a candle), then...
  2. Take a video (or photo) stating what you are grateful for, and sharing what your intentions are for the human family.
  3. Participants then share their creation on social media with the hashtag #GlobalFire on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or the Compassion Report Map!

When: 11/29 through 12/10
Where: Everywhere, All At Once!
Why: Solidarity to Protect Mother Earth!

Each day during the Giving Games, the Compassion Torch will be passed to a different Champion of Compassion. For Day 8 of the Giving Games, we are so grateful to pass the Compassion Torch from the Earth Guardians to none other than Compassionate Louisville, a coalition of pioneers blazing the way as a model compassionate city.

View All Passed Missions!

It's never too late to revisit past or missed missions to find inspiration for igniting compassion and generosity for the world!