Tuesday, November 8, 2016

YAC Meeting: ICS Hope for the Holidays (ICS H-4-H), Activities, 11/10/2016

YAC and Casady Families!
Thank you Casady families for your kindness, compassion, and generosity.  Casady YAC provided a check for $ 3,000.77, funds collected from all division from 9/24-9/29/2016, to Natalie Price, Food Bank, Special Events Coordinator. 
Final results from Natalie Price, Special Events Coordinator, for the Casady Cans Do Food and Funds, Students Against Hunger  Drive 2016
5,201 Pounds
19,338 meals

Total pounds- 23,205

For memories of the drive visit http://casadystudentsagainsthunger.blogspot.com/.

Agenda for Hope for the Holidays Meeting
Thursday, November 10th, Activities, Harper

1. Planning:  Katherine sent the following:
Chapel Presentations
November 30th: Chapel Presentation at LD
December 2: Chapel Presentation UD (Powerpoint included below)
December 5-9: Donation drive takes place
Pick up of donations
December 9: Infant Crisis Services picks up donations at the student center (I will talk with Courtney Thomas at ICS about this, but would 3rd period be a good time to pick up the donations?)  
For TV screens in UD
Chapel Presentation
This is the Powerpoint presentation for Upper Division chapel. Katherine is  trying to decide which video to use.
-Communicate more closely with the Lower and Primary Divisions,
-donation boxes, (ICS will provide them..)
-secure transportation,
-make posters,
-get the ornaments (Lower Division and Primary Division).
- Incentives for UD ???   Xmas Tree??? ( Dr. Powell, Coach T. Mr. Giles and DA)
- Sign-up volunteers
- Sign-in signs
-Process and goal of the drive

Other Suggested  Agenda Items (if time allows it
a. Sign-up to attend lunch with Mr. Rainbolt
b. Sign up for Boys and Girls Club afternoon of service 11/11/2016
c. Blood Drive update:  Wednesday December 14 at Casady Wing 6:30 am-3:00 pm.  Includes set-up and tear down.  Contact Person: David Crawford. david.crawford@obi.org, 405-250-9727 cell.
The blood drive is a senior project!
d Ideas for MLK Day:  Food Bank closed for event on MLK Day
Minutes of Monday's meeting by Katherine, Miranda and Mrs. Clay

Hope for the Holidays meeting minutes
November 7, 2016
Attendees:  Miranda, Charlie, Mariam, Safra, Ahmed, and Katherine (recording), Liz, Ruby, Claire, Sahanya, Aaron. Some freshmen were not accounted but signed in.

Next Meeting: Thursday, 11/10/2016 at Activities at Harper.  Miranda will remind via text.  Mrs. Clay will send e-mail.  We have snacks from previous meeting in refrigerator and Mrs. Clay's office.

ICS Hope for the Holidays (Katherine)  Planning begins
Katherine will meet with interested helpers this coming Thursday, 11/10/2016 at Activities.  Dates of the Drive: December 5th-9th (ICS will pick-up donations). Donations: Baby supplies and money...idea of "Change for change" discussed.  Some challenges were pinpointed by Miranda.  Mrs. Clay suggested trying the idea in small scale.   Looking for Xmas tree for the UD Student Center.

* LUNCH with Mr. Rainbolt:   We decided on Tuesday, December 13th because the freshmen do not have many out of lunches.  Mrs. Clay asked YAC Planning team to prioritize meeting Mr. Rainbolt.  She gave a little background of what Mr. Rainbolt means for Service-Learning/YAC and the Oklahoma City community. The lunch will be at the Community Room.  Sage will cater lunch.  The meeting will take place during lunch and activities time.

*SERVING together in the OKC community (Sahanya) 
Boys and Girls Club
- Friday, November 11th 4:30-6:30
- Volunteers need to provide their own transportation. Mrs. Clay will be at Boys and Girls Club from 4:30-5:00.  She has to pick-up the Youth LEAD OKC retreat facilitator from the airport at 3:30  Then, Mrs. Clay will drive Tabitha to dinner and to the Thunder game. A reminder that The Crucible is at 7:00 pm that evening.  2-4 ushers needed for The Crucible  Mrs Clay will attend the Crucible on Thursday, November 10th.  Miranda created a sign-up sheet for Boys and Girls Club.  Here is the expected attendance:
Mrs. Clay and Mrs. Tabitha May Tolub (YLOKC retreat trainer) 4:30-5:00.  
Miranda: 5:30 pm
Isaiah: ?
Sahanya: ?

* Track for Johnson Elementary (Aaron)
Planting Grass around the track
Aaron is working on getting estimates of cost.  He will need manual labor.  Miranda stated that this might be a great project for the seniors in need of hours.  She will help recruit volunteers.  She has "the list."

YAC members B-days ( Hospitality Managers)  ON PARKING LOT

*Strategic Planning for 2016  (Mariam and Safra) ON PARKING LOT

*Youth LEAD OKC Retreat, November 12-13th (Mrs. Clay)
Mrs. Clay reminded YAC that Monday was the last day to register for the retreat.
Cyclones Attending the YLOKC Retreat as of 11/1/2016
Johnny L, Jack R, Angela J, Natalie H, Mrs. Carmen Clay, Cooper Lindstrom, John Kelly. 

 Registration, permissions and releases at http://ymcaokc.org/children-youth/teen-initiative/youth-lead

-Other  December Projects: Blood Drive , Giving Games
*Blood Drive: We need a date from Coach T. (Miranda and Isaiah will talk to coach T)

* The Giving Games:  Possible Leaders Mrs. Clay and Nicole J.  ON Parking LOT

The 7th Generation of Young People are Rising!
View this email in your browser
Dear Agents of Compassion,

The Compassion Games “Giving Games: Youth and Schools Play it Forward” is four weeks away from today!

What are the Giving Games? This year, the Giving Games are being played globally between youth, educators, and intergenerational allies to foster safe and fulfilling places of learning, supporting the next generation develop into happy, compassionate, creative, and resilient members of our world.
Let's bring together our youth and Indigenous leadership during this momentous time to protect and restore Mother Earth!

In partnership with #GivingTuesday, the Giving Games begin on November 29th, and ends 12 days later with a global online "Wopila", a Lakota Thanksgiving Ceremony taking place on Human Rights Day, December 10th. The Wopila will be co-hosted with Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

Indigenous Peoples and the Giving Games

This year's Giving Games connect three overlapping social movements:

1. Youth Climate Movement
2. Indigenous Environmental Movement
3. “Prosocial” Movement (peace, love, compassion, kindness)
It may very well be the most extraordinary Compassion Games yet!

A Global Compassion Relay!

To build awareness and momentum for the Games we are organizing a Giving Games Compassion Relay that will feature a “Dream Team” of “Champions of Compassion”.

The “Compassion Torch” will be lit in Morocco at the UN COP22 Climate Convention by Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., Chairperson of the Compassion Games International, and the “Green Sheik” (Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi) founder of the Global BlueYouth initiative that has engaged over 25,000 youth, from every continent on earth, in the world’s largest consultation of youth around water and climate change action.

The “Relay Route” will go from Morocco to Panama for the closing ceremonies of the Peace and Dignity Runs on November 14 - 17, and then to Standing Rock North Dakota in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The Compassion Torch will continue being passed until the final day of the Games on December 10th. To learn about the other Dream Team Champions of Compassion and the Relay Route check out the Compassion Relay FAQ here.

Live Call for Overview and Questions

 Join us for the second 2016 Giving Games
LIVE call for Team Organizers!

If you are new to the Compassion Games and want to learn more... this call is for you! Already organizing a team? This call is for you, too!

RSVP and find the call-in information here.

If you have any quesitons, email Sommer@CompassionGames.org

Global Unity Games Results!

If you've wondered about the impact the September 11th - 21st Global Unity Games results, take a look at the results from the 2016 Global Unity Games.  There were 452 reports posted to the Compassion Report Map.

Over 256 teams and more than 30,000 volunteers directly served nearly 3,000,000 people in 40 countries. This story includes videos summarizing the outcomes and highlights of the recent Games, which can be viewed here.

The world is calling for a compassionate response to the challenges we face. You make a difference. We invite you to play!

Game on!

- January Projects: MLK Day:  
*MLK Day : What project(s) will YAC facilitate?  Organizations need to be contacted now. (Isaiah)

From Mrs. Clay's Desk: Strategic Planning  ON PARKING LOT
Planning Team Officers who have not provided the description of responsibilities from their perspective, please send them Mrs. Clay.  Thank you.

YAC Planning team
Co-Presidents:  Miranda & Isaiah
Vice-Presidents: Safra and Mariam 
Calendar/Scheduling Manager: Ellie G                         
Secretary:    Katherine S.
Treasurer:  Johnnie L 
Social Media: Grace P. 
Social/Hospitality Managers: Hannah H. Sahanya B. Anna B.

Grade Chairs: Project Chairs/Project Facilitators
Seniors:  Cathy Zesiger?  Erik R.(School mentors), Miranda (Humane Society?), Isaiah (MLK Day ?), Nicole J. (Kindness Week ?)
Juniors:  Mallory (?), Gabrielle (Food Drive 2016), Luke A. (Voters Registration, Elections 2016), Zac Conner (Best Buddies), Safra and Mariam (Food Drive 2016)
Sophomores:  Sahanya (Children's Hospital), Mason (Peace Week: Peace Silhouettes), Ellie (Food Drive 2016, Perfect Pair Drive for Homeless Alliance), Katherine S. (ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive)
Freshmen:  Ahmed H., Saadia N (Food Drive 2016)

Faculty: Peace Week, Food Drive
Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Bek-gran, Father Blizzard, Father Youmans, Mrs. Seitter, Mrs. Pardue, Dr. Torres, Mrs. France, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs.  Robertson, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Lopez (Peace Week), Mrs. Price (Food Drive)

Co-Presidents: (Miranda T. Isaiah L.)

1. Inspire and motivate Cyclones to belong to the club

2. Responsible for accountability. we have made sure to keep our numbers high for attendance of meetings. We have had record breaking numbers sign up for YAC this year and we are trying to keep them, but not trying to overwhelm them with meeting after meeting and project after project. 

3.. Assign those to plan projects, only who would like to volunteer.

4. Have a good time.

5. Set agendas for meetings

6. Plan YAC's year in collaboration with planning team

7. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

8. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

Co Vice-Presidents (Safra and Mariam S)

1. To assist and fill in for the co-presidents. 

2. The v.p.s can call meetings and lead projects, and are the authoritative figures when the presidents are unavailable

3. Facilitate agendas in absence of co-presidents

4. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

5. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

Secretary: (Katherine S)

1. Attend any meetings possible and to work closely with Mrs. Clay and the co-presidents to ensure the agendas for each meeting are clearly expressed and as efficient as possible. 

2. Record the minutes of each meeting. When unable to be present, sponsor will appoint a YAC member to keep minutes.  Mrs. Clay will place minutes in the blog.  Secretary will text minutes to members

3. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

4. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

Treasurer: (Johnnie L.)

1. Make sure our funds are stored in Casady's finance office 
2 Allocate YAC funding to the right people or organizations in a timely manner.
3 Youth Decision maker in allocation of $100 funding for monthly projects from service-learning budget.  The decisions are made in collaboration with Mrs. Clay, YAC sponsor and Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair.
4. Oversee the counts for drives and report final results in collaboration with division heads and finance office
5.. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

6. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

Grade / Project Chairs:  Freshmen (Saadia N)
1. Should be involved with some of the board decisions (which I am). 

2. Be able to have a positive input and impact on YAC which includes perhaps introducing new organizations to the group as well as new ideas/drives. 

3. Currently, help mobilize the Food Drive activities which help freshman realize that they have decision making while helping out. 

4  Goal as a freshman chair in YAC is to help organize our group into a team that works together for the benefit of our community

5. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

6. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel

Sponsor:  Mrs. Clay   (Father Blizzard when Mrs. Clay is not present)

1. Be at meetings for liability issues requirement.  Provide ONLY suggestions for agenda items.  
2 Bring community organization volunteer opportunities and service learning experiences to the attention of the officers.
3. Empower planning team decision making.  
4. Provide resources and connections to planning team decision making 
5. Support and celebrate YAC involvement in the community.
6. Provide weekend opportunities and transportation to empower the mission of "Participating in the community to improve lives" 
7. Request feedback from planning team to be what the club needs demand.
8. Promote a yearly strategic planning-reflective time.
9. Be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 
10. Introduce some of the speakers in chapel


Family Volunteer Day, Sponsored by the Points of Light Foundation

November 19, 2016 is Family Volunteer Day
Family Volunteer Day is a day of service that celebrates the power of families who work together to support their communities and neighborhoods. Volunteering is a great way for kids and adults to make new friends, develop compassion for their neighbors, and even pick up a new skill or two! It’s an amazing day – don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!
Care Bags for our OKC Homeless. A Casady sophomore filled backpacks with water bottles, socks, Bibles, tissue, rain ponchos, gum, hand sanitizer and a few other things.  She and her family handed the care bags to homeless people in the downtown area. 

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma needs
Families Volunteering Together
November and December
Due to an increase in production needs, the Food Bank has opened additional volunteer shifts and added space to many of their existing shifts for November and December.  They need to produce 108,000 Food for Kids backpack kits in the month of November, and they can’t do it without YOUR/OUR help!

Click here to view our extended November schedule or our extended December schedule and sign up for a shift.  If you’d like to bring a group, please complete a volunteer group request form.  Questions?  Contact:
Denice L. Hurlbut
Associate Director of Volunteerism
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma