Monday, November 14, 2016

YAC Meeting after finals, Monday, November 28th, 7:30 am, Harper


Miranda will remind YAC members about meeting via text.Hospitality Managers will bring snacks.
Father Blizzard will co-facilitate meeting.  Mrs. Clay away

1. Mr Rainbolt's lunch on Tuesday, December 12th, Community Room catered by Sage.Sign-up!

2. Blood Drive tips and resources: David Crawford,Oklahoma Blood Institute.  Miranda, Isaiah and YAC seniors facilitate this project
- Marketing Supplies.  Maybe inclussion of MD students to encourage parents to donate blood??
- Date of Blood Drive
-UD Chapel Speaker for the Blood Drive
-Chapel announcer for the speaker

3. Hope for the Holidays: - Last minute details and request of help from Katherine.
- Volunteers at divisions only to remind and help place donations under trees by front offices in PD and LD and the Student Center in the UD.  Will not be excused from chapel.
- Chapel speeches by Katherine: 30th of November UD/LD

4. From Liz W.: It's for no kid hungry and you host a friendsgiving and raise money, so I thought Yac could possibly host one. I will look more into it, but in the meantime here is a link: 

5.  MLK Day 2016:  Service Advocacy or Action Day?  1 or several projects?
-Ideas from YAC members

-Food Bank
*Closed to the public on MLK Day 2016

-Digital Citizenship workshops at Casady School 
Audience: Cyclone and children and youth from North Side YMCA
Facilitators:  Available and interested Casady YAC
Helpful Resource:

-Identity and Diversity Education by YAC/YLOKCasady teens @ Casady
Audience: Any interested Cyclones and YMCA 5th grade and older
Facilitators: Youth LEAD OKCasady
Helpful Resource: Youth Lead online / Roots and Wings Activity Sheets
Icebreaker to Connect, Communication Activity to Act, Make thinking Visible Activity to reflect

-Casady MLK Day Movie Marathon for the servant soul
Pay it Forward, Peace One Day, The Talking Picture, MLK documentaries, suggestions from YAC members
Audience: Any interested youth and adult
Facilitators:  Mrs Clay and any available Casady Faculty and/or student
Location: Casady Wing   Popcorn and Lemonade served.  Bring your pillow and blanket

-YLOKCasady @ the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum and the Oklahoma Standard
Guided tour of Memorial
Tour of Museum
STEM Lab Time
Communication Activity: Listening/asking questions with first persons and/or museum personnel
Multicultural Fair - Oklahoma Standard: Honoring the diversity in organizing teens
Archives Tour: Reflecting on the Oklahoma Standard and the global kindness response to bombing