Saturday, November 12, 2016

YAC and friends at Boys and Girls Club

On behalf of Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park, a huge ARIGATO.  The YAC team did a wonderful job with the kids at the Club Friday after school.  

Mr. A. Jaye reflected with a group of children and was complimentary about our long lasting relationship since the year 2,000.  Boys and Girls Club, a Kids Cafe of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, was the first organization the Casady Service Learning Program had a reciprocal servant leadership relationship.  The club members and YAC give, grow, and transform together with the experiences the share. 

If anyone took pictures, please send them to document this experience  I left Sahanya (Thank you for the idea for YAC to volunteer together somewhere), Keziah, Mariam. and Safra with the young kids ready to help an activity on dental hygiene.  

I loved arriving as Miranda, MiAngela, Judy, and Nicole were leaving.  The smiles on their faces and the cards Nicole had in her hand as well as the thank you drawings the kids did for Miranda told a great story. I wondered what a wonderful time Isaiah gave the children with his kindness and beautiful smile.  I just hope he did not get in trouble with his coaches, as it was the first day of practice.

I hope volunteers  will reflect upon the  experience as a first agenda item on Monday's meeting at 7:30 am at Harper.  The emerging ICS Hope for the holiday's team started working on posters yesterday after school and needs some help to leave everything ready before finals.  I will be away the first week we come back and the drive is the following week.  

I am heading to Camp Classen for the YLOKC training with Johnny, Jack, Copper L., Natalie Hugos and Angela J.  Mr. Kelly and I will treasure this experience.

Have a great weekend