Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Red Rover-Halo Project, PD and LD students and moms help field test program

Casady second graders and kindergarten students, invited by Mrs. Anne Crum'74, helped give a trail run to an Oklahoma Humane Society advocacy project for public schools on 11/07/2016 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 PM at Chesapeake Community Center.  The goal of the program is to advocate reading of books that will increase empathy for people and animals through a collaboration between RedRover Readers, trained volunteers, and HALO handlers and their trained animals.  The dogs present at the trail run, Abby and Buster were rescued by the OHS and trained by HALO handlers.

After the trial run, Mrs. Crum attended a 3.5-hours RedRover certification training at OSU Extension, with Ms Susana Della Maddalena, President and CEO of the Humane Society, Dudley Hyde, Chairman of the Education Committee of the Society, elementary school teachers, animal welfare officers and Central Humane Society volunteers and paid staff.  Mrs. Crum stated, "The RedRover training was done by a facilitator from Sacramento  It is a first class teaching program with huge influence on communication skills to maximize the learning process of every child  The $79 cost of the training underwriter was the Kirkpatrick Foundation.  

RedRover Readers: "This unique community-based social and emotional learning program help develop perspective-taking, empathy, and critical thinking skills as children explore the bond between people and animals through stories and discussion. Teachers and educators trained in the RedRover Readers curriculum read to children and facilitate engaging discussions – helping children increase their level of empathy for people and animals. Visit www.RedRover.org/e-book.  RedRover Learning

HALO (Human Animal Link of Oklahoma) ttps://www.facebook.com/HALO-"Human-Animal-Link-of-Oklahoma-123548415768/  Human Animal Link of Oklahoma speaks to the fact that animals and human beings do form a link with one another for the benefit of both. Most feelings we experience leading to behaviors resulting from life’s traumas or the changes can be best alleviated by a non-judgmental force, our pets. They are quiet in voice but speak with strength and comfort by presence alone. They are incapable of making false promises as to our welfare. They are forever listening even though we may not make much sense. They offer moments of calm and peace and can reach into the minds and hearts to communicate with people who just may have shut out the human factor. How quickly they forget our shortcomings and focus on only our greatest strengths." 



Cyclones were attentive, collaborative, caring, and provided intelligent, compassionate responses.   

The children's service was celebrated with beautifully crafted thank you bags  

Buster and Abby were great HALO dogs.  Casady YAC served with HALO before as one of their dog handlers, Katie Bennett, was a YAC Cyclone.   

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