Wednesday, October 12, 2016

YAC Required meeting, Monday October 17, 2016 @ Harper 7:30 am-7:55 am

Suggested Agenda
Sunday reminder for the meeting was not seen by some of the officers. 
No snacks by Hospitality Facilitators

Minutes forthcoming
Miranda and Isaiah facilitated the meeting.  Notes left behind on white board 

Upper Division:  Omar, Jacob
Middle Division: Mia, Isaiah
Lower Division: Johnny and Preston
Primary Division: Julia and Joshep

Strategic Planning
1. Clarification on when YAC meetsYAC Calendar: All activities need to be placed in the calendar created by Ellie   
Mrs. Clay also keeps a calendar available in the calendar tab at this blog for general public information.  This item will be clarified by Miranda and Isaiah in the next meeting reminder. 

2. Planning Team defines offices Thank you to the ones who e-mailed.  Looking forward to more definitions of responsibilities being defined for strategic planning purposes

Co-Presidents: (Miranda T. Isaiah L.)

1. Inspire and motivate Cyclones to belong to the club

2 We are responsible for accountability. we have made sure to keep our numbers high for attendance of meetings. We have had record breaking numbers sign up for YAC this year and we are trying to keep them, but not trying to overwhelm them with meeting after meeting and project after project. 

3.. We assign those to plan projects, only who would like to volunteer.

4. Have a good time. we are still in YAC because we enjoy it. 

Co Vice-Presidents (Safra and Mariam S)
1. To assist and fill in for the co-presidents. 
2. The v.p.s can call meetings and lead projects, and are the authoritative figures when the presidents are unavailable

Secretary: (Katherine S)
1. As the secretary of YAC, it is my responsibility to attend any meetings possible and to work closely with Mrs. Clay and the co-presidents to ensure the agendas for each meeting are clearly expressed and as efficient as possible. 

2. I will record the minutes of each meeting, as well. 

3. I will be an active participant of the various drives, and when necessary, I will work with the administration office to establish the connections for the various drives. 

4. Also, I would be happy to introduce some of the speakers in chapel; however, the main responsibilities for the secretary of YAC include recording minutes and working with others to make the agendas for each meeting efficient.

Treasurer: (Johnnie L.)
As treasurer, my responsibilities are to make sure our funds are stored in Casady's finance office and are admitted to the right people or organizations in a timely manner.

Chairs:  Freshmen (Saadia N)
1. Should be involved with some of the board decisions (which I am). 
2. Be able to have a positive input and impact on YAC which includes perhaps introducing new organizations to the group as well as new ideas/drives. 
3. Currently, help mobilize the Food Drive activities which help freshman realize that they have decision making while helping out. 
4  Goal as a freshman chair in YAC is to help organize our group into a team that works together for the benefit of our community 

Sponsor:  Mrs. Clay   (Father Blizzard when Mrs. Clay is not present)
1. Be at meetings for liability issues requirement.  Provide ONLY suggestions for agenda items.  Bring community organization volunteer opportunities and service learning experiences to the attention of the officers.
2. Empower planning team decision making.  
3. Provide resources and connections to planning team decision making 
4. Support and celebrate YAC involvement in the community.
5. Provide weekend opportunities and transportation to empower the mission of "Participating in the community to improve lives" 
6. Request feedback from planning team to be what the club needs demand.

3.  Saturday, October 22 is Make a difference day, Item not covered.
The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is closed for a special event on Saturday, October 22, Make a Difference Day.  
On Saturday, October 22: Make a Difference Day- National Day of  "Doing Good"  Service-Learning will be at Wings-Edmond Special needs community helping with their fundraising efforts during their Wings-Edmond Fall Festival 2016,   Mrs. Clay will be onsite from 7:30 am helping set-up to noon.     Sign-up to volunteer at

4. Service Learning Experience   SAVE THE DATE:  Casady Cans Do Students Against Hunger Food and Fund Drive October 24-28.  
Follow the drive at

Check planning PowerPoint.  Flyers and boxes will be at all divisions by Wednesday at the end of the day.  Copies of Ellie's flyer were distributed to attendees.  Ellie did not attend the morning meeting but came during her study hall and made the suggested changes.  MissJane Derrick made final refinements and copies of Ellie's fliers were placed on bulletin boards at all divisions, after the administration, development and marketing departments gave their final approval.

Students Against Hunger Food and Funds Drive.  Thinking Visible  Check the PP

-Finish marketing materials.  Saddia will move forward this agenda item on Tuesday and the signs teams will finalize delivery of signs on Wednesday. 

On October 20th, we have a chapel speaker for all chapels from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.  Safra and Mariam will present the speaker in the UD and will provide the goal, process, and incentives of the drive. They will talk to Coach T. about incentives.  Mrs. Clay and Father Blizzard will present the speaker in the other divisions.

Drive donations will be collected on a daily basis by Mr. Garth and his crew from all divisions except PD, which takes their donations via red wagon to the trailer on Thursday.  Mrs. Sharp will let us know the exact time.  Mrs. Clay made the appropriate request for maintenance to pick-up donations via School Dude

We will ask Nicole, our speaker from the Food Bank, if a small number of YAC students can volunteer on Saturday, October 29 and take the check of donations collected during the drive.  The trailer will pick-up donations at the end of the day of the 28th, but there is always last minute donations that need to be taken to the Food Bank too.

Alumni will volunteer on October 20 in the evening. The Food Bank is full in October on Saturdays.

-Place flyers, boxes and "Food-4-Kids" Silhouettes at different divisions  Saddia and the signs team will take care of this by Wednesday afternoon.

-Letter to advertise the drive in all divisions Ellie and Miss Derek finished it by 1:00 pm.  Division directors have it.  Grace needs to connect to social media outlets and get the marketing department to place the dates of the drive on the neon signs 

-Sign-up to volunteer at YAC Community Room must be completed.  Volunteers will receive service hours and will be excused from chapel.  Try to volunteer the day you have Study Hall first hour to avoid even the chance of being late to class.  Miranda and Isaiah moved this item forward.  They realized that the lettering of the days was incorrect and changed them.  See updated lists below.

Suggested Directives for Food Drive Volunteers

When do you have to be at your post?: 7:00 am 8:25 am unless you are in the primary division where you need to be at from 7:30-8:30 (Make sure you have first hour study hall and your study hall teacher is notified) You will be excused from chapel and you will get service hours for your time at each division.

What do you have to do?
a. Motivate people to donate wearing a can costume, bringing music and being a dancing can for Food-4-Kids
b. Inspire people to donate with a sign with a hunger fact about the drive
c. Provide stickers or make donors sign a donors sheet to provide to the Food Bank and to thank volunteers who donated via e-mail.  Take pictures and videos with your cell phone and e-mail or text them to Mrs. Clay
d. Count cans for competition purposes, but most important for accountability purposes and to give students who might want to contact businesses to match what their grade is donating a number to report to those businesses.   The matching for the teachers donation was not approved.  A collection box marked faculty/administration/staff was approved.
e. Division Project Facilitator Count cans, take pictures, remind volunteers of their volunteer assignment.   Makes sure everyone who volunteered signed in and that the final numbers for the day for the division are placed on giant post-it note and texted to Mrs. Clay and administrator responsible for the drive at the division where he/she is working (UD: Mrs. Clay,MD:Mrs. Omelia and Father Youmans, LD: Mrs. France, PD: Mrs. Sharp).  Mrs. Clay will place results and pictures at the Casady Students Against Hunger Blog from which Grace P. will choose pictures for social media outlets 

Location of the Drive:  
MD and LD: By the front office   
PD The entrance foyer.   
UD: In the past, it has been at the Student Center, but this year we also have enough boxes to have one in every building to add to donors convenience after hours.  Having boxes at every building is also a good silent, quiet reminder to give.  This was a change brought to our attention last year by our current vice-presidents.  Another change is a box for teachers/administration/staff

Process and incentives of the Drive

UD: ??? Double the donations from last year?   Get businesses to match?  Out of uniform from winning grade???  Safra and Mariam will investigate this with Coach T.

MD:  House Competition facilitated by Mrs. Omelia, Father Youmans, Service Club/Religion Classes-House Prefects.  They have a can costume but are requesting another one.  They have improved their signs from last year and are ready for the Food Drive to begin.   Mrs. Clay will be on duty at the MD those days.

LD:   Thank you stickers for donors.  No other incentive

PD:   Thank you stickers for donors.  No competitions.  Just the satisfaction to give and walk the donations, weather provided, on Thursday to the trailer.  We will need volunteer cans to lead the parade.  Mrs. Sharp will let us know the time

Monday, October 24 F Day
Upper Division     Lower Division  Primary Division     Middle Division 
1. Mariam S.           Lydia                   Julia B.                   Mash L  8th grade leader
2. Safra S.              Anna B.                Karoline L.              Jason C.
3. MiAngila              Grace P.                                             Olivia L.
4.                                                                                    Ellie W. 
5.                                                                             Dylan, Aaron, Jack

Tuesday, October 25, A Day
Upper Division     Lower Division  Primary Division     Middle Division 
1. Hannah E.             Mariam S          Sahanya  B             Elliot R. 8th grade leader
2. Caden                   Safra S.            Liz W.                     Charlie B.
3. Nika                                             Ellison G.                Ben S.

Wednesday, October 26, B Day
Upper Division     Lower Division  Primary Division     Middle Division 
1. Mason C.                                       Liz W.                    Cate R 8th grade leader
2. Miranda T                                                                   Edison L.
3. Isaiah L                                                                      Ryder W. 
4.                                                                                  Hope B.-A.
5.                                                                                  Ruby B.
6.                                                                                  Claire R.

Thursday, October 27, C Day
Upper Division     Lower Division  Primary Division     Middle Division 
1. Mason C.           Johnnie Lee                   Ellie G.            Kate R. 8th grade leader
2.                         Chris Goodall                                       Edison L  
3.                                                                                   Mrs Clay
The primary division will need cans scorts to the trailer on Thursday at a time TBA by Mrs. Sharp. 

Friday, October 28, D Day
Upper Division     Lower Division  Primary Division     Middle Division 
1. Mason C.                                                                   Sydney S. 8th grade leader
2. Miranda T.                                                                  Jackson S.  
3. Isaiah L.                                                                     Mrs. Clay