Tuesday, October 25, 2016

YAC Meeting at Harper/Activities: Update on Stanley Hupfeld Academy Mentors Program, 2nd day of drive

Mentors Room

With Principal and Development Director

Mentors Activity Room

-YAC facilitator of this project is still working with Coach T. to find a sustainable schedule.  
The project might be for seniors and juniors, because they can drive.  

-Mrs. Clay suggested interested freshmen and sophomores to have their parents drive them or getting a Casady van to provide transportation.  Best possible schedules
a. Activities with Study Hall
b. Fridays for students who are not in competitive sports and have study hall at 2:31.  Double might be too late since the school schedule is until 3:00 PM.  
See below information sent by the principal of the school, Ms. Ruthie Reyner, ruthie.rayner@wvacademy.com, 751-1774

Positive Directions mentors at Stanley Hupfeld Academy seeks new tutors and mentors!  Hupfeld Academy is located at 1508 N.W. 106th (106th & N. McKinley), and serves the Western Village neighborhood children. 
The Positive Directions program matches mentors with elementary (K-5) students for one-on-one sessions, one hour each week during the school day (10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).  There might be an after school program!

The program’s purpose is to build relationships and provide consistent, caring friends and role models for the children, and to help them with their academic and social needs.  Most mentors spend ½ of their time on academic needs/reading, and the other ½ on a fun activity (games, puzzles, walking the track, etc., to encourage casual visiting and building the relationship).  We have two designated mentor rooms at our school site, with all of the supplies and materials needed for mentoring sessions. 

Many of our mentors tell us it’s the best hour of their week, and they gain as much from the experience as their student does!  We have a number of mentors who stay with their student throughout their elementary years. 

Team mentoring is also encouraged; two mentors may team to mentor the same child, alternating weeks, so it is less of a time commitment for those who may find it difficult to mentor an hour each week. 

Interested mentors have to complete a mentor information form.  Mentors will receive a packet containing a photo and information about their student, as well as a mentor nametag and handbook.  There will be an orientation onsite or at Casady if a group decides to mentor.  There are also mentor volunteer opportunities for interested adults.  There is an application process and training for adult mentors also.   For application and more information contact:  Tobi Campbell, Director, Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village & Positive Directions Mentoring,  Office (405) 717-9831,  Cell (405) 550-3762,  Fax (405) 951-8808

Second Day of the Drive

1st Place:
Middle Division: 185 cans, 214 = 399
Taber and Woolsey tied in the lead.

2nd Place:
Lower Division: 254 cans, $ 133.80 = 387.80
Third Grade leads

3rd Place:
Upper Division: 216 cans, $20 = 236
11th Grade leads

4th Place:
Primary Division: 193 cans, $20 = 213

5th Place:
Faculty (UD only): 8 cans, $20 = 28

Total donated on Monday and Tuesday:
856 cans, $ 406.80= 1,262.80 cans and money

19% of hungry Oklahoma seniors are responsible for grandchildren in their households.
Tuesday Canned Food Drive Volunteers:  

Be at assigned location at 7:00 am. PD: 7:30 am.  Motivate, Thank, Count, Report. 
UD. Mason C. Miranda T. Isaiah L.
MD: Hope B., Ruby B., Claire R.
LD: Dylan B., Aaron P.
PD: Liz W. Gabrielle M., Mallory W., Sahanya B.

Drive needs 7 teens, wearing can costumes, to guide the PD Red Wagon Hope Parade at 10:15 on Thursday