Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Third Day of the Drive: Wednesday 10/26/2016

Food Drive:  Monday-Wednesday Results 
(Counting each can and each dollar as 1)

First Place:      Middle Division: 818 cans and money       Taber leading

Second  Place:     Upper Division:  615 cans and money       Juniors leading

Third Place:  Lower Division:  534.8 cans and money    Third grade leading

Fourth Place:   Primary Division: 317 cans and money  

Fifth Place:      Faculty (UD)  28 cans and money

Overall total: 2,312.8 cans and money

Tomorrow is the last day of the drive for the PD.  The children will be walking their donations to the Food Bank Trailer.  We call this walk the Walk of Hope Parade!  7 high School students needed to guide the parade dressed as cans!