Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Second Day of the Drive: Tuesday, 10/25/2016

1st Place:
Middle Division: 185 cans, 214 = 399
Taber and Woolsey tied in the lead.

2nd Place:
Lower Division: 254 cans, $ 133.80 = 387.80
Third Grade leads

3rd Place:
Upper Division: 216 cans, $20 = 236
11th Grade leads

4th Place:
Primary Division: 193 cans, $20 = 213

5th Place:
Faculty (UD only): 8 cans, $20 = 28

Total donated on Monday and Tuesday:
856 cans, $ 406.80= 1,262.80 cans and money

19% of hungry Oklahoma seniors are responsible for grandchildren in their households.
Tuesday Canned Food Drive Volunteers:  

Be at assigned location at 7:00 am. PD: 7:30 am.  Motivate, Thank, Count, Report. 
UD. Mason C. Miranda T. Isaiah L.
MD: Hope B., Ruby B., Claire R.
LD: Dylan B., Aaron P.
PD: Liz W. Gabrielle M., Mallory W., Sahanya B.

Drive needs 7 teens, wearing can costumes, to guide the PD Red Wagon Hope Parade at 10:15 on Thursday

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