Saturday, October 29, 2016

Last Day of the Drive, Friday, 10/28/2016

Food Drive Results:  5,256 cans, $ 2,898.77 = 19,749.85 meals to be confirmed by Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Memories of the drive at

Lavender donors taking their donations to the Food Bank Trailer in their Hope Wagons

                 First Place:           Upper Division: (3,117 cans and cash)
                                         Leader: Juniors 

Junior donations on Thursday afternoon.  Donations kept on coming until 5:00 pm on Friday!

          Second Place:       Middle Division: (3,075 cans, cash, and checks) 
                                               Leader: Taber 

Third Place:          Lower Division:  (1,166 Cans, cash, checks) Leader: 4th grade 

Fourth Place:        Primary Division (647 Cans, cash, checks)

Fifth  Place:          Faculty (UD only)  150 (Cans, cash, checks)

Special thanks to the Casady Art Club, Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village, Casady After School Care, and Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park for the "Silhouettes of Hope" made by their students.  The silhouettes helped market the drive as "Food for Kids from Kids" in all divisions at Casady.

Muchas gracias to YAC and MD Service Club and House Prefects for developing a plan for the drive with goals, letter to donors, and scheduling volunteers to remind and motivate donors throughout the week.  Special thanks to Dr Sara Price, Gabrielle Moore and Dr. Bishop for counting junior cans on Friday throughout the day.

Merci Beaucoup to Division Directors, Division Administrative Assistants, Father Youmans, Mrs. Cherylynn Omelia, Father Blizzard, Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Zedlitz, Mrs. Betty Jane Garrett, Miss Jane Derick, Deputy Dang, and Coach T. for the role you played during the drive.   

Thank you! Donors of all ages for your compassion and generosity and to Garth and the Casady Crew for transporting cans to the trailer the whole week long.

Arigato to Mrs. Melissa Jenkins for counting cash and checks throughout the week and training YAC on proper usage of Excell sheets.

Show your Thinking: Reflective PowerPoint 

Drive Results Spread Sheet