Monday, October 24, 2016

First Day of the Drive Results

1. Casady Cans Do Monday Results: Thank you to donors and volunteers!

First Place: Lower Division: 59 cans, $108.80, third grade leading​​

2nd Place: Middle Division: 76 cans, $45, Martin Leading

3rd Place: Primary Division: 49 cans, $0. 

4th Place: Upper Division: 0 cans, $20   9th grade and faculty tied for lead


Total donated on Monday: 

184 cans, $185.80  

2. Tuesday Canned Food Drive Volunteers:  
Be at assigned location at 7:00 am. PD: 7:30 am.  Motivate, Thank, count, report. Be at UD on time to 1st hour.

UD: Hannah E., Caden S., Nika G.

MD: House Prefects and MD Service Club

LD: Karoline L, Sara J.

PD: Sahanya B. , Liz W., Ellie G.

Most Needed items:  Canned tuna, salmon, chicken; peanut butter.  Canned fruits and vegetables, beans, soups, sauces, brown rice and pasta.  

Remember: $1=5 meals    No homemade or glass items