Friday, October 28, 2016

Fifth Day of the Drive, Friday 10/28 2016 and a special invitation to volunteer at the Food Bank on Sunday, October 30th

Totals from Monday to Thursday in meals

1 can = 1 meal
$1 = 5 meals

2785 cans and $ 997.8 = 7,774 meals Will we make it to 9,386 meals???

Goal for 2016
To match or beat 9,386 meals, the drive results in 2015.
YAC will solicit matching from businesses to increase our overall donation.
Drive donation Excell sheet and Reflective PowerPoint


Mitzvah Day @ the Regional Food Bank of OKC

Mitzvah Day
 International is an annual day of faith-based social action that takes place in November each year, primarily in the United Kingdom. On Mitzvah Day each year, community groups and individuals undertake a range of volunteer projects for those in need in their local community.

Jewish Federation at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma