Monday, October 3, 2016

Casady YAC First Monday Meeting 10/03/2016

Meeting Agenda
None Provided ahead of time.  Mrs. Clay was a few minutes late.  she was not sure we were going to have a meeting.   

1. Fall Fest:  YAC members signed up to volunteer and bring goodies to get funding for YAC needs throughout the year.  Here is the list of students who participated.  

Fall Fest @ Homecoming: September 30, 2016

Please let Mrs. Clay know if there are discrepancies or if your contribution was not accounted.  Your time, donation, and leadership is what makes YAC ROCK!!!

YAC Fall Fest Contribution

        Fall Fest Volunteering
YAC Member Name
Donation for Fall Fest
Carmen Clay
Chips from Sams, Game or Best Bodies, Replacement Game for YAC in case Pie a YAC activity does not develop
Zac Conner
Cupcakes for Best Buddies
Manpowered Best Buddies Table
Gabrielle Moore
Helped set-up YAC and Best Buddies booths.  Helped Zach with “Black Out Activity”
Safra Shakir
Helped set-up and manpowered the YA booth
Mariam Shakir
Helped set-up and manpowered the YA booth
Isaiah Levingston
Manpower the YAC booth
Sold goodies to people
Helped tear down and clean-up
Ahmed Hassan
Manpower YAC booth with Isaiah
Julia Bohanon
Cookies for YAC Booth

Jacob Bookout
Brownies for YAC Booth
Did Jacob volunteered???
Liz Wood
Cyclone Cookies for YAC Booth

Ellie Guzzies
Brownies and Cookies

Miranda Tortorici
Requested table, chairs for Fall Fest. Reminded YAC members about Fall Fest via Group Text

YAC collected $74, but the toy we borrowed to raise funding as the Pie a YACie did not work was broken and we might have to replace it if fixing it is not doable.

The Best Bodies Project collected $64 and a new account was created at the business office.  Zac was not able to be at the YAC meeting because he was meeting with the "expert sponsor", Mrs. Danna Morrison, in the Middle Division. Mrs. Clay stated that the Best Buddies Project will meet on Tuesdays when YAC is not meeting.

2. YAC Introduction:  Isaiah introduced YAC, some aspects of the calendar for the year, and some of the YAC Planning Team members present at the meeting.  No time to introduce new members or for the Social chairs to have an ice breaker at this meeting.  Mrs. Clay also reminded the Vice-Presidents that YAC planning team does not have definitions of officers responsibilities yet.

Co-Presidents:  Miranda & Isaiah

Vice-Presidents: Safra and Mariam 
Calendar/Scheduling Manager: Ellie G                         
Secretary:    Katherine S.
Treasurer:  Johnnie L.  
Social Media: Grace P. 
Social/Hospitality Managers: Hannah H. Sahanya B. Anna B.

Grade Chairs: Project Chairs/Project Facilitators

Seniors:  Cathy Zesiger?  Erik R.(School mentors), Miranda (Humane Society), Isaiah (MLK Day), Nicole J. (Kindness Week)

Juniors:  Mallory and Gabrielle (Boys and Girls Club), Luke A. (Voters Registration), Zac Conner (Best Buddies), Safra and Mariam (Food Drive, Spanish Club Service Connections)

Sophomores:  Sahanya (Children's Hospital), Mason (Peace Week) Anna B., Ellie (Perfect Pair Drive for Homeless Alliance), Katherine S. (ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive)

Freshmen:  Ahmed H., Saadia N 

Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Bek-gran, Father Blizzard, Father Youmans, Mrs. Seitter, Mrs. Pardue, Dr. Torres, Mrs. France, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs.  Robertson, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Lopez (Peace Week)

When does YAC Meet???

1st and 3rd Monday at 7:30 for planning purposes.  1st and 3rd Tuesdays during Activities for project needs.  The 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month during Activities are scheduled for mentoring projects needs such as Best Buddies and Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village.

How do YAC members get hours for meetings?  
Sign in and place your sheet in your assigned mailbox.  Mrs. Clay updates hours in December after a reflection meeting and in May after the Strategic Planning Meeting and Reflection for the Year.

YAC Calendar:  

All activities need to be placed in the calendar created by Ellie 

3.  Food Drive 2015 and Planning Food Drive 2016:  
Isaiah, Mariam and Safra gave background of Food Drive 2015.  Mariam and Safra will create goals and process for Food Drive 2016. They will not be able to attend Tuesday meeting, but will work during the break to bring a final proposal, process, and goals.  We will brainstorm a little bit while making boxes and marketing materials for the drive on Tuesday.  

Safra and Mariam will bring final ideas to the attention of the planning team and YAC membership to have ownership of the WHY and HOW of the Drive.  Eric stated that YAC has to be enthusiastic about the drive before we expect anyone else to buy into giving to fight to end hunger in our city.  Mrs. Clay created a reflective PP on Food Drive 2015/Planning 2016 which she sent to all YAC members. She also sent a current membership list and the YAC 2016-2017 Calendar via e-mail. She asked to please read the PP and decide what their personal goals for the drive will be.  She will do the same for herself.

Mrs. Clay wanted to promote volunteering at the Food Bank on Saturdays, but they are full all Saturdays in October or have special events.

4. YAC: Participating in the Community to Improve Lives:  Ellie, Safra, Mariam and Isaiah encouraged students to bring projects to the attention of the planning board.  Several YAC members of the Planning team made freshmen aware of their upcoming projects.

1. Ellie:  Started her project as a freshmen- Homeless Alliance Drive
2. Sahaya:  Will have fashion show for the Children Miracle Network.  This  will be the first year of this project
3. Eric: Is working on schedules for his mentoring program with Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Villa.  Meeting for this project will be on the 4th Tuesday of the month.
4. Zac: was not present, but Mrs. Clay made YAC members aware that meetings for his Best Buddies project will be on  the 2nd Tuesday of the month

Memories from last week of September
Homecoming Dance
Displaying IMG_1926.JPG
Homecoming  Dance 2016

Displaying IMG_5804.JPG
At Habitat House with All Souls

Peace Week: At Interfaith Youth Tour with MD Student

Peace Week: # Oklahoma Standard

At UN's Peace Walk at Turkish Festival

Best Buddies Meeting, 10/03/2016  7:30-8:00 am

Minutes provided by Mrs. Danna Morrison, Casady Best Buddies Co-Sponsor.  Mrs. Clay was unable to attend due to YAC Planning Team meeting

Zac reported he has a volunteer list and is working on the mandatory components of becoming the representative of the Casady OK chapter.

Zac is working on scheduling a potential volunteer visit to Special Care.

Zac has asked me to give a short presentation at a future meeting to highlight skills and attitudes necessary for working with individuals with differences.  

Mrs. Morrison was included in an email from Michael Wiellczka with Best Buddies reminding Zac of submissions he has yet to provide to complete the new chapter process.

We did not schedule a follow-up meeting, but Mrs. Clay sent an e-mail stating that Best Buddies Meeting will be the second Tuesday of the month at Harper during Activities.