Saturday, October 22, 2016

Casady Cans Do- Students Against Hunger Drive Begins Monday, October 24-October 28, 2016

Thank you YAC for organizing it and for motivating donors to help our hungry neighbors of all ages, but especially Food-4-Kids from Kids! 

Casady Cans Do Students Against Hunger Food and Fund Drive October 24-28.  

Follow the drive at

Check planning PowerPoint.  

Flyers  and boxes are at all divisions waiting for volunteers and donors

Students Against Hunger Food and Funds Drive.  
Make Thinking Visible  
Check the PP   Get Service Hours for your reflective thoughts.

-Finish marketing materials.  Thank you to Saddi, Mariam, Safra, Ellie, Nicole, and Father Blizzard for bringing the drive to the attention of donors via chapel, flyers, boxes, and speeches 

Drive donations will be collected on a daily basis by Mr. Garth and his crew from all divisions except PD, which takes their donations via red wagon to the trailer on Thursday.  Mrs. Sharp will let us know the exact time.  Mrs. Clay made the appropriate request for maintenance to pick-up donations via School Dude.  The Food Bank Trailer of Hope will be by the Middle Division building on Monday, October 24th and will leave campus the following Monday, October 29th.

Nicole, our speaker from the Food Bank, will come to pick-up the check from the YAC Food Drive Planning and volunteers team.  She wants a photo taken for marketing purposes by the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma professional photographer.  She will come on November 

Alumni volunteered on October 20th at the Food Bank in the evening. 

-Suggested Directives for Food Drive Volunteers

  1. Be on time (7:00 am to all divisions ) 7:30 am PD
  2. Sign in
  3. Motivate (as a can- dance to inspirational music from your phone)  Thank with a handshake(PD ), stickers (LD), a smile (MD and UD)
  4. Count cans.  Place daily talley at collection sign.  Send results to Mrs. Clay
  5. Count money.  UD: Take money donations to Mrs Jenkins at Blake Hall.  Other divisions leave money with  administrative assistance or director.  Mrs. Clay will pick up money and take it to Mrs. Jenkins
  6. Take pictures.  Send them to Mrs. Clay and /or Grace Patton social media manager
  7. 8:20 am Sign out and be on time to class.  You are excused from chapel and you will get service hours
  8. Request business to match your personal or grade level donations.  Use Ellie’s letter (slide 20) when you solicit!
UD Food Drive Volunteers Chairs Chairs: Mason C. and Mrs. Clay
MD Food Drive Volunteers Chairs: Grace Patton, Father Youmans, Mrs. Omelia
LD Food Drive Volunteers Chairs: Ellison Guzzy and Mrs. France
PD Food Drive Volunteers Chairs: Liz Wood and Mrs. Sharp

Location of drive collection boxes  
MD and LD: By the front office   
PD: The entrance foyer.   
UD: Student Center, Johnston, and Bennett

Process and incentives of the Drive

UD: Double the donations from last year?   Get businesses to match what we (personally or by grade, division, overall) donate  

MD:  House Competition facilitated by Mrs. Omelia, Father Youmans, Service Club/Religion Classes-House Prefects. 

LD:   Thank you stickers for donors.  No other incentive

PD:  No stickers.  No competitions.  Just the satisfaction to give and walk the donations, weather provided, on Thursday to the trailer.  We will need volunteer cans to lead the parade.  Mrs. Sharp will let us know the time

Upper Division     Lower Division  Primary Division     Middle Division 
1. Mariam S.           Lydia                   Julia B.                   Mash L  8th grade leader
2. Safra S.              Anna B.                Karoline L.              Jason C.
3. MiAngila              Grace P.                                             Olivia L.
4.                                                                                    Ellie W. 
5.                                                                             Dylan, Aaron, Joseph

Tuesday, October 25, A Day
Upper Division     Lower Division  Primary Division     Middle Division 
1. Hannah E.            Mrs Clay          Sahanya  B             Elliot R. 8th grade leader
2. Caden                   Saadia N. ?     Liz W.                     Charlie B.
3. Nika                                           Ellison G.                Ben S.

Wednesday, October 26, B Day
Upper Division     Lower Division  Primary Division     Middle Division 
1. Mason C.                Dylan V                 Liz W.               Cate R 8th grade leader
2. Miranda T               Aaron P.                                        Edison L.
3. Isaiah L                                                                      Ryder W. 
4.                                                                                  Hope B.-A.
5.                                                                                  Ruby B.
6.                                                                                  Claire R.

Thursday, October 27, C Day
Upper Division     Lower Division  Primary Division     Middle Division 
1. Mason C.           Johnnie Lee                   Ellie G.            Kate R. 8th grade leader
2.                         Chris Goodall                                       Edison L  
The primary division will need cans cheerleaders to accompany donors to the trailer on Thursday at a time TBA by Mrs. Sharp. 

Friday, October 28, D Day
Upper Division     Lower Division      Middle Division 
1. Mason C.            Ellie G.                    Sydney S. 8th grade leader
2. Miranda T.                                        Jackson S.  
3. Isaiah L.