Saturday, October 15, 2016

Casady Cans Do Students Against Hunger Food Drive 2016

October 4, 2015
Food Drive Service-Learning Experience
Activity Facilitator Saadia N.
Pictures by Isaiah: Minutes of meeting and attendance through pictures and sign-in sheets

1. Food Drive:  Only agenda item
-Boxes and Save the Date Flyers  made by participants

Marketing idea to target Primary Division Donors
Food for Kids from Kids!

Sign-up at YAC Room: Made by Katherine, Ellie, and Mrs. Clay
Please check your schedules and sign-up to help remind and motivate Cyclones to give
You get service hours and will be excused from chapel the day you volunteer.
You might have to wear a can costume!

-Brainstorm goals, process, and start sign-up to volunteer  In Parking lot until Next Monday Meeting.  Safra and Mariam are working on goals and process.  Ellie, Saadia, Grace, and Katherine will create letter for parents

-Marketing Tools
a. Flyer for parents
b. Letter for Casady Marketing Department with details, goals, process, collection areas, most wanted items.  Grace should write it and place it in social media venues.  She is our contact with the marketing department at Casady School.  Grace also should request the days of the food drive October 24-28 to the in the neon signs.
b. Letter to grocery stores to match what we raise.  If that is something the planning team wants to explore this year
c. Flyer for every division to send in their Tuesday pockets and/or news outlet

2. Britton Mentoring 1:31-1:36  (5 minutes)  In Parking lot.  Speaker did not show up
-Speaker will present project proposal

October 3rd
Food Drive 2015 Awareness  and Planning Food Drive 2016:  

Isaiah, Mariam and Safra gave the background of Food Drive 2015.  

Mariam and Safra will create goals and process for Food Drive 2016. They will not be able to attend Tuesday meeting but will work during the break to bring a final proposal, process, and goals.  We will brainstorm a little bit while making boxes and marketing materials for the drive on Tuesday.  

Safra and Mariam will bring final ideas to the attention of the planning team and YAC membership to have ownership of the WHY and HOW of the Drive. 

Eric stated that YAC has to be enthusiastic about the drive before we expect anyone else to buy into giving to fight to end hunger in our city.  

Mrs. Clay created a reflective PP on Food Drive 2015/Planning 2016 which she sent to all YAC members. She also sent a current membership list and the YAC 2016-2017 Calendar  created by Ellie via e-mail. 

Mrs. Clay asked to please read the PP and decide what personal goals for the drive will be.  She will do the same for herself.

Mrs. Clay wanted to promote volunteering at the Food Bank on Saturdays, but they are full all Saturdays in October or have special events.

September 27th
Food Bank Speaker:  Tips for a Students Against Hunger Food Drive
Nicole from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma provided a folder with tips for a successful drive which Mariam and Safra will take home to bring a proposal for the goals and process of the drive.  Nicole also gave us brochures, flyers, collection plastic bags, boxes and suggestions of what other schools have done in the past to motivate giving.  

Safra and Mariam led the freshmen collecting boxes from Nicole's car.  They started to build the boxes, but we needed packing tape to make them stronger