Thursday, October 27, 2016

4th Day of the Drive: Thursday, October 27, 2016

Food Drive:  Monday-Thursday Results (Counting each can and each dollar as 1)
First Place:        Middle Division: 2,319 cans and money          Taber leading

Second Place:   Upper Division:  923 cans and money            Juniors leading

Third Place:       Lower Division:  828.8 cans and money        Third grade leading

Fourth Place:    Primary Division: 570 cans and money  

Fifth Place:       Faculty (UD)  28 cans and money

Overall total: 3,787.80 cans and money

Primary Division's Walk of Hope Parade 2016

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The last two wagons to leave the PD await for the Kindergarten Group taking donations to the Food Bank Trailer 


Lavender, our smallest group riding back to class after delivering donations to the Food Bank Trailer

Thank you Primary Division Donors

Thank You PD Teachers

Thank you Primary Division Parents

Thank you to all who donated and helped motivate and picked-up donations.  

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma photographer and marketing director will be at Casady on November 2 to receive the Food Drive check from YAC.    Memories at  

The Oklahoma Food Banks annually distribute 52.7 million meals