Sunday, September 18, 2016

YAC Planning Team Meeting, Monday 9/19/2016, Wing


1. YAC chapel presentation 
2. YAC Table at Clubs Fair 
3. Peace Week Walks and # Oklahoma Standard 

 Donuts from Day Light Donuts. The owner is providing a discount and extra donuts for "Pour Kindness to Village Police

YAC Board Meeting Minutes by Katherine

September 19, 2016 7:30-8:00
Miranda, Grace, Cathy, Sahanya, Mariam, Safra, Ahmed, Saadia, Hannah Hameed, and Katherine (recording)

Club Fair Candy (Sahanya buys candy at Walmart with Mrs. Clay)
Posters (Grace will make)
Peace One Day (write messages of peace)

Tattoos (Claire's- Sahanya and Mrs. Clay will check this out for Fall Fest)

After the meeting came the following request sent to Father Blizzard
Hello Fr. Blizzard,

It’s Rosemary your 5:30 PM layreader on Saturdays at All Souls.

I talked to you briefly over the summer about our Prescription for Change project and the possibility of involving the children on Casady in it.  We are seeking Agents of Change to distribute empty prescription bottles and ask their friends, and family to fill them with spare change.  There is also a web-site set up for each team that will allow credit card donations to be made as well. We are going to use all of the spare changed gathered to help fund medicine and medical supplies for the  patients at Open Arms Clinic.  

We are a Christian clinic at 5252 N. Meridian.  We serve low-income people who have no health insurance. Our mission is to restore health, hope, and dignity to these people by providing high-quality, Christ –centered medical care.  We have about 4,600 patient visits per year.  We receive no federal or state funds.  Everything is paid for by Christian charity.

You mentioned putting me in contact with the staff person in charge or community engagement or service learning.  I’d appreciate making that contact.  I’d be glad to come to school and talk about the desperate need people have for medical care in our very community to help link information about social conditions with the activity.  All the money raised is going directly to fund patient medications and medical supplies.

Thanks for your direction on this.

And, we are looking forward to seeing the new Blizzard baby soon!

Your sister in Christ,


Rosemary Hayes, PhD
Development and Volunteer Coordinator
Open Arms Clinic
5252 N. Meridian, Suite 1010
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: 405-546-7416