Friday, September 2, 2016

Welcome Back to School from Roots And Wings Consulting Founder

As the summer comes to a close, here at Roots & Wings we are looking back at the year so far and thinking about what else we want to do. How has our year gone so far? What goals are left unaccomplished? We bet some of you are feeling the same way.

It seems like a perfect time to review the RaW skill of  Fail gloriously! Nothing great is achieved without a little failure here and there – even though we hate that word. Failure sounds bad, failure feels bad and failure looks bad. So-  how can we reframe failure this month to keep us moving forward?

Here are a few tips:
  1. Reframe failure. Let’s call it outcomes. Everything you do creates an outcome. You may not like the outcome but you are always 100% successful at getting outcomes. Then YOU get to decide what to do with those outcomes.
  2. Dispel the myth of motivation. We all assume motivation is an outside force that descends upon us causing us to get things done and that those more successful than us are just lucky enough to have more motivation. WRONG! You create motivation through visualizing what it is you want to do and why and by taking charge.
  3. Make stretching yourself part of the equation. The very best thing about “outcomes” is that they allow us to grow. The more unexpected the outcome, the more we need to adjust our plans and the more we grow. It you accept growth as part of your success, you will be able to adjust outcomes and create motivation more easily and more often.
So let's all dive into failure this fall! For more information on how to fail gloriously check out this month’s skill sheet or call us for workshop information.

Happy end of Summer!
Tabitha May-Tolub
CEO and Co-Founder