Friday, September 16, 2016


Mr. Zac Fowler, Community Coordinator of the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum spoke to UD Chapel about the Oklahoma Standard (An Act of Service, An Act of Honor and an Act of Kindness).  Mr. Fowler attributed the creation of the Oklahoma Standard to the way Oklahoma reacted to help each other after the bombing.  

He also stated that its spokesman is Sam Presti, General Manager of the Oklahoma City Thunder.   He continued his speech providing examples of organizations doing acts of service and had a hands on time for Cyclones to give a little kindness to each other at chapel.

Thunder Players Serve at Boys and Girls Club

Sam Presti promotes Oklahoma Standard @ Thunder Game

Finally, Mr. Fowler invited students and faculty to participate in a morning at the museum on 9/24 from 10:30-1:00 pm as an act of honor. 

The #Oklahoma Standard Ambassadors Workshop which will be followed by a walk to the Myriad Gardens where the group will join the United Nations OKC Peace Walk 2016 in collaboration with the Turkish Festival 2016.  

Saturday, September 24: Oklahoma Standard Training at OKC Memorial (10:00-1:00)
#Oklahoma Standard at Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum 10:30-1:00

10:30-11:00        Outdoor Symbolic Memorial Tour with National Park Ranger

11:00-12:00        Museum Tour/Patrick will guide the students and emphasize the Oklahoma Standard.
12:00-12:30        First Person Presentation with Survivor Derek Smithee
12:30-1:00         Lunch catered by Jimmy John’s.  Their number is 235.8800. (need to RSVP)
1:00-2:00             Walk to Myriad Gardens.  Check the Turkish Festival. Help distribute pinwheels for silent walk
2:00-3:00             United Nations Silent Peace Walk   Speakers and Walk  
After the Walk volunteers are welcome to enjoy the Turkish Festival at will.  Bring money to taste their amazing food.

Mr. Fowler was introduced in the UD chapel by sophomore Katherine S. who invited UD faculty and students to make pinwheels for Peace at Harper in honor of Children and Youth Day.

Mrs. Stone, Senior English Class came to Harper and decorated the Pinwheels for Peace which were planted by YAC senior Chair, Cathy Z. in front of chapel to greet the MD and LD chapel audiences.  Due to rain, MD chapel was canceled. LD chapel enjoyed looking at the pinwheels spin thoughts of peace.

Mr. Pena's Spanish classes made pinwheels which were placed at classroom doors in Miller.  

The last "Peace Silhouettes" created by children from Western Village were hung at Records by the Peace Team.

Global Unity Compassion Games: Mission 6

For Reflection: Before you move on to Mission #6, reflect on yesterday's mission. Do you feel that happiness and well-being should be studied in the same way we study sickness? What was it like to reflect on what in your life brings you genuine happiness, and do you believe happiness is good for your well-being? How might you create more space in your life to share what brings you happiness with others? Share your reflections on the Compassion Report Map!

“Nature does not hurry, yet accomplishes everything.”
-Lao Tzu, Ancient Chinese Philosopher

Agents, our sixth mission is to nourish our trust in life, and in doing so, realize the profound gift of patience.
Take a look at your body... at your hands, arms, torso, legs, feet, fingers. Feel the flicker of awareness and thoughts that flow through your mind. Recognize your own unique personality, which is one of a kind in the remarkable universe we call our home.

Take a good look, and soak in what you see, because it has taken 14 billion years for the universe to arrive at you.  
That’s right! 14 billion years is the ccurrent estimate of how old our universe is  It’s clear that Mother Nature was not in any hurry to finish the universe, yet look at what she has accomplished: she has literally accomplished everything. Everything we have ever felt, heard, thought, seen, learned about, experienced or will experience is the result of Mother Nature’s slow, mysterious growth, from planets to stars to solar systems, to the vastness of diverse life forms, to you!  Yet human beings, especially in the Modern World, seem to have stumbled upon quite a peculiar problem: rather than nourishing the patience it requires for life to unfold the way it naturally wants to, human beings have attention spans that are increasingly, well, decreasing. We expect to learn, or read, or do something within a few seconds; anything longer requires too much time. And we have become addicted to results, to the end of an experience and what we might gain from it rather than the joy of an experience itself.

Patience, as it turns out, really requires trust: a trust in the universe, and a trust in life. Have you ever seen a plant grow faster from an impatient human tugging at its roots or leafs? Of course not! This would surely kill the plant in a rush to make it grow before it was ready.

Often, we human beings can have a similar impatience with ourselves and those around us. We tug at ourselves, thinking we can force ourselves to grow, or learn, or do something quicker than it can be done. As a result, we can burn out and grow tired. We stop trusting life, because we end up not receiving the slow, gentle, and patient nourishment we so require to grow strong, happy, and true.
Your mission today, Agents, is to simply stop, sit down, and observe life happening around you.

Find a place outside where you can safely observe nature or other people going about their day. Notice the feeling of the weather on your skin, and maybe how the breeze gently moves the world around you. Notice any clouds passing overhead, and track their slow, steady movement. Follow the activity of animals, and watch with a patient curiosity as they move through the world.

When you interact with others, listen to them with patience. Take the time to appreciate their lives, and recognize that they, too, are alive on this planet, and going through the pains and joys that life can bring each of us.

As you reveal the power of patience in your life, remember to report your experiences on the Compassion Report Map to inspire others around the world!

In the following video, Agents Oprah Winfrey and Louie Schwartzberg will guide us through the mystery and science behind patience.

Team Google, Billion Acts of Peace, and PeaceJam have received the Compassion Torch from Team Gratitude Revealed! 

Google, Billion Acts of Peace, and Peace Jam are doing incredible work to bring global unity and compassion to the world.

Find out more about the beautiful work of
these remarkable organizations here!

UN's Sustainable Development Goal:

Zero Hunger

The SDGs aim to end all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030, making sure all people – especially children – have access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round. This involves promoting sustainable agricultural practices: supporting small scale farmers and allowing equal access to land, technology and markets. It also requires international cooperation to ensure investment in infrastructure and technology to improve agricultural productivity. Together with the other goals set out here, we can end hunger by 2030.
Zero Hunger is one of 17 Global Goals that make up the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to achieve the global unity that we seek.

Learn more about the targets for this Goal here.

View All Past Missions!

It's never too late to revisit past or missed missions to find inspiration for igniting compassion and unity for the world!

The United Nations Association of Greater Oklahoma City President will be on campus on Sunday 9/18 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM at the Wing.  Miss Sinead Magina, will present the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development before a screening of the story behind the UN's International Day of Peace.  The screening and discussion of the documentary The Day after Peace will be facilitated by Mrs. Clay, Service-Learning Director.

The World's Largest Lesson 2016 - with thanks to Sir Ken Robinson and Emma Watson from World's Largest Lesson on Vimeo.