Saturday, September 10, 2016


Friday, 9/9:   Labyrinth Opening @ Butterfly Garden    
Peace Week Team Promotion at all Chapels
UNSDG: Partnerships for the Goals

Installation of YAC Sophomore Chair, Mason T. "Peace Silhouettes" made at After School Care with guidance of Mrs. Morgan. YAC Peace Team worked on designing the display that will welcome students to the Student Center, a visual for the WHY of Peace Week 2016 "Unifying Backgrounds With Empowering Acts of Kindness. Find Peace in your Heart and Share it with the Community".

IMG_4191.JPG  IMG_4167.JPG

Saturday, 9/10:

10:00-12:00 pm.  OUT OF DARKNESS WALK at Lake Hefner, Stars and Stripes Park with Winged Warriors Team, Mrs. Angie Milligan Captain.  Mrs. Carmen Clay, site supervisor

8:00-9:00 PM CONNECTING STEPS TO RHYTHM @ International Dance Studio3001 NW 73rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73116.  Steps for Peace.  Choreography by Mrs. Hazel Lopez, LD Spanish Teacher and CEO of International Dance Studio.  Session Videotaped by YAC Peace Team
UNSDG: Good Health and Well-Being

Sunday: 9/11 UNITY
Global Unity Compassion Games  Begins

Mission I:  TBA via e-mail

PEACE ONE DAY Popcorn Matinee @ Casady Wing, 3:00-5:00
-Open to the public. -Walk-ins Welcome.  No Reservations needed.
- Learn the story of the International Day of Peace, 9/21.
Host: Service-Learning Program Director, Carmen Clay, Discussion after the movie by post it notes

Videos featured at Chapel Peace Week 2016 Presentations on 8/9 and 9/9
Hope Was Born on 9/11:  

PEACE ONE DAY- Cease Fire & Domestic Violence (more costly than wars) on 9/21 IDP

The Day after Peace: The story of the International Day of Peace  81 minutes