Tuesday, September 13, 2016

PEACE WEEK 2016: DAY 3: ENVIRONMENT, Mrs. Sara Ivey, UD Speaker


The day began with UD Chapel speaker Mrs. Sara Ivey from Oklahoma Green Schools Program and Department of Environmental Quality who shared her passion for for taking care of our earth by providing everyday suggestions to expand our efforts to care for our environment. Mrs. Ivey was introduced by Environmental Club President, Calvin T. The Environmental Club promoted an energy conservation initiative by Lights OFF at Calvert. 

 During Activities, the YAC Peace Team installed the "Peace Silhouettes" at Records.  The composite called, "Participating in our community to Improve Lives" depicts the future YAC mentoring program with Western Village Elementary which is being initiated by senior, Eric R.  The silhouettes were created by the UD art classes and children from Western Village Elementary.  The YAC facilitator of the silhouettes project is sophomore Mason T.

The Chinese classes joined the Peace awareness effort and decorated pinwheels, which will be planted on a peace sign in front of chapel on 9/21.  Chinese class members also installed the "Peace Silhouettes" at Miller.  The composite title, Unifying diverse backgrounds with empowering acts of kindness" was created by children from Boys and Girls Club and Casady After Care Program.  The YAC facilitator of this project is sophomore Mason T.

The Middle Division Environmental Club introduced the following video at chapel on Environment Day

The Lower Division had an introduction of the theme of the day by Father Blizzard. Spanish classes finished making the "Peace Hands" project.

PD continue to rehearse their Peace Song which will be performed on Friday, September 16, 2016 after chapel time.

Global Unity Compassion Games: "Tomorrow Together"

“[They] who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe,
is as good as dead; [their] eyes are closed."
 -Albert Einstein

Our third mission, Agents, is to re-cultivate a sense of wonder for the benefit of our lives and the One Human Family.
Agents, our mission is to engender gratitude for our lives by allowing wonder to find us and grab hold of us today. Look at everything with fresh eyes, just like you are seeing a night sky full of stars for the first time. Prevent yourself from trying to rationalize or label your experiences.

For example, when you see an animal or plant, don't say its name and move on... observe its life. Imagine what it must be like to be that form of life. You can sit and marvel at the beauty and usefulness of your hands and body, which you can move at will. Literally everything has the power of wonder to enchant your awareness!