Monday, September 12, 2016

PEACE WEEK 2016: DAY 2: INTERDEPENDENCE: Dr. Noel Jacobs, UD Chapel Speaker

Monday, 9/12/2016  INTERDEPENDENCE Awareness through chapels

The day began with the UD chapel presentation of an inspirational speech by Dr. Noel Jacobs, Interfaith Alliance President, Respect Diversity Foundation Program Director, Youth LEAD OKC Mentor.  Dr. Jacobs was introduced by Multicultural Club President, Erik R.

At the MD chapel, the International Club presented the following video to raise awareness of the meaning of interdependence.

Father Blizzard brought awareness of the meaning of the word Interdependence at the LD chapel.

Middle Division Service Club students made thank you cards for firefighters and police. The YAC Peace Team "pour kindness" on Village and Nichols Hills firefighters with the delivery of the MD thank you cards, a couple of "Peace Silhouettes" made by our LD After School Program and donuts for their enjoyment.  The Village police cards will be delivered on 9/19 after Deputy Jason Dang speaks at all chapels on Freedom Day.

The YAC Peace Team installed an art piece at the Student Center.  "Find peace in your heart and share it with the community" was crafted by Mrs. Patti Morgan's after school program at the Activities Building.  The figures were arranged together and installed by the YAC Peace Team.  The project was facilitated by YAC's Peace Team Sophomore Chair, Mason T.


MD International Club started to leave their thoughts of peace on hands and hearts.  LD students, at Mrs. Lopez's Spanish classes, made their last "Manos de Paz." The Spanish students learned vocabulary words for Peace(Paz) and Love (Amor) as they review or learn colors while decorating paper hands with their creativity.

The PD started rehearsals of the Peace Song they will sing to celebrate the International Day of Peace on Friday, September 16 after their Chapel time.

The hands and hearts with peace thoughts will be blessed at chapels and planted around campus on Peace Day, 9/21

Global Compassion Games: "Tomorrow Together" Mission for 9/12

Agents, your mission today is to take on the role of a creative genius. As a creative genius, question everything - including the obvious - and allow curiosity to be your guide.

As you do this, come up with a creative way to be kind or compassionate toward another person. Surprise someone with the creativity of your act by doing something this person maybe hasn't thought of.

You may find all it takes to become a creative genius is to be yourself!