Sunday, September 18, 2016

For Reflection: Before you move on to Mission #7, reflect on yesterday's mission. What did it feel like to contemplate how old the universe is, and how long it took for the universe to arrive at you? 
This question made me wonder about my DNA journey and how different my attitude towards it would be if I was a child, a teen, a young adult.  As I look at the future with aging as the big event in progress, I realized how insignificant my temporary presence on this earth is, but how wonderful it is to be part of something so huge and wonderful as a universe of which I am just a little temporary particle.
Do you feel more compassion for yourself when you are patient with yourself, and with others?
Yes, because no matter what the experience is, making sure that the human connection is in balance is the most important thing.  Why? Because leaving the encounter with something positive in mind, body and spirit adds to happiness for all.  A problem, a challenge, a failure is an opportunity to develop character and leadership.  How you connect to people needs to be empowering and kind for positive grow to be nurtured and peace to be possible on a daily basis around us.
Was it challenging to stop and simply observe the world around you?
Yes, had too many things to do and helpers did not show up, but children were taken care. I just wish I had not imposed time to their creative process, but I only had two hours and limited supplies for a Day of Kids at Boys and Girls Club.  

In the morning, as I loaded supplies for the Day of Kids at Boys and Girls Club, I observed the beginning of the Arts Festival at School. Many youth volunteers and faculty were engaged in showing our school to representatives for the schools that will participate in April.  What a great combination volunteers can be when they have a common mission around our beautiful lake.
Why do you think that is? Do you feel that your life, or modern life, is in tune with the rhythm and timing of nature? I think that personally, I want to do so much with too little time.  I need to listen to the rhythm and timing of nature.  My passing through its time clock is so minute, I am missing too much because I am in a hurry to do instead of to live mindfully.

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Agents, our seventh mission is to unleash the sunlight of the our spirit: our connection to one another.
When you think of the idea of connection, what comes to mind?

It has been argued that the aspect of life human beings crave andyearn for the most is connection. Connection to a sense of meaning in our lives. Connection to the passions that inspire us. Connection to the world around us, and of course, connection to each other.

In fact, our greatest desire for connection of all is our desire to authentically connect with one another. True connection with those we deeply care about is like sunlight to the human spirit. With it, it feels like we are being seen by the light of the world. With connection, we can overcome the greatest challenges, and make it through the starkest winters.

Without connection, we grow lonely and anxious, and eventually, we feel isolated and even hopeless.

This is because human beings are fundamentally social animals. And lasting connection - which comes from seeing into one another genuinely, supporting one another, mourning our grief and celebrating our joys together - is to us what sunlight is to a tree.

In the following video, Agents Oprah Winfrey Louie Schwartzberg, and Jason Silva will guide us through the mystery and science behind connection.

Champions of Compassions

Tune into the Global Unity Telesummit hosted by the Shift Network for the seventh day of the 11 Days of Global Unity!

Today’s Telesummit features youth leaders Joumana Rizk & Swamini Krishnamrita around the seventh theme, Women Empowerment!

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Tomorrow’s Telesummit features speaker Gabriela Quntanilla  around the theme of Human Rights!

Today marks Day 6 of the Compassion Relay!

Team Dalai Lama Fellows, Jane Goodall, and Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. have received the torch from Billion Acts of Peace, and PeaceJam!

The Dalai Lama Fellows, Jane Goodall, and Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. are each doing important, critical work in the world in their own right, and we are proud they are a Relay Team in this year's Unity Games.

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UN's Sustainable Development Goal:

Gender Equity

Ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls is not only a basic human right, but it also crucial to accelerating sustainable development. It has been proven time and again, that empowering women and girls has a multiplier effect, and helps drive up economic growth and development across the board.
Gender Equality is one of 17 Global Goals that make up the2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to achieve the global unity that we seek.

Learn more about the targets for this Goal here.

Agents, It's Your Turn!

Your mission today, Agents, is to show someone you deeply care about that you celebrate your connection to one another.

This person could be anyone in your life, friend or family member. Tryto refrain from using social media of any kind... research shows that more meaningful acts of connection come from person to person interactions. If this is not possible, write your person a letter, or give them a phone call to express your joy for your connection!

As you reveal the power of connection in your life, remember to report your experiences on the Compassion Report Map to inspire others around the world!
Good luck, Agents!

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