Monday, August 22, 2016

YAC Invitational Meeting: Monday, August 29th, 7:30 am @ Harper

Agenda by Miranda and Minutes by Katherine for Monday, 29th of August, 7:30 am  @ Harper 

Who? Only for Planning Team (Possible YAC officers) -
Students who wished to be in the planning team or had a project they requested YAC's help.
Who attended:  Board Members: Mrs. Clay (Sponsor), Isaiah Levingston (President), Miranda (President), Saadia, Ahmed, Mariam (Vice President), Safra (Vice President), Ellie (Calendar Chair), Sahanya, Hannah Hameed, Erik, Anna Buckley, and Katherine (Secretary, Recording)

Where? Harper, Monday, August 29th 7:30-7:55
Miranda  covered  most pressing items 

- Time to meet: Announcement Monday mornings for Planning Team and Tuesdays at Activities as needed, with 1st and 3rd Tuesdays as required for credit hours 

- Sign up sheet: new this year!  Everyone keeps up with their hours.  Sign up left at mailboxes in Harper

-Clubs Fair/Chapel Presentation: Video or PowerPoint?
Video Planning: Miranda will send a message Sunday to plan filming schedule

- Food Bank: main service project.  Will be different than last year, not by grades, but by teams
Some ideas were discussed about how to make the food Drive Better
Looking for a YAC member to introduce the speaker, Dr. Belinda Biscoe.  Dr. Biscoe will visit Government Classes 1st and 2nd hour.  She will speak at UD and MD Chapels.  She might have lunch with YAC.

- Fall Fest: is at the end of September.  Ideas to make money for YAC's only fundraiser of the year
Temporary tattoos and Flyers

-Recycling: letter to Mr. Sheldon: YAC will collaborate with what Environmental Club is doing

-Overview of Peace Week Planning provided by Ellie who created a calendar for the year on google drive
***Tomorrow PeaceWeek Team will begin planning YAC activity and connect to initiatives already started by the Service Learning Program.
Sahanya will introduce speaker on Economic Justice Day, Ms. Terri Telley.  We are still looking for activity to do to connect to the theme of the day.  Mrs. Clay suggested making healthy snacks for Homeless Alliance with help of the Food Bank... will follow-up tomorrow

***A chapel announcement called for volunteers today and tomorrow there will be a reminder.
Miranda will send a message Sunday to plan filming schedule for chapel YAC introduction. 
*Isaiah and Miranda will send a text to planning team with next board meeting on September 12 @ Harper, 7:30-7:50 am.
Agenda by Isaiah for Monday, September 12 meeting
Next Meetings: Isaiah's Agenda, Fall Fest and Food Drive
Welcome and Introductions 5 minutes

Planning Team:  Possible Officers:  Descriptions of responsibilities on post-it notes   5 minutes

Co-Presidents:                                              Miranda & Isaiah
Vice-Presidents:                                          Safra and Mariam
Calendar/Scheduling Chair:                      Ellie
Secretary:                                                    Katherine S.
Treasurer:                                                   Johnnie L?                                          
Communications: Social Media Chair:   Grace P.
Social/Hospitality chair:                           Hannah H. Sahanya B. Anna B.
Grade Chairs: Project Chairs/Project Facilitators
Seniors:  Cathy Zesiger?  Erik R.(School mentors), Miranda (Humane Society), Isaiah (MLK Day), Nicole J. (Kindness Week)
Juniors:  Mallory and Gabrielle (Boys and Girls Club), Luke A. (Voters Registration), Zac Conner (Best Buddies), Safra and Mariam (Peace Week, Spanish Club Service Connections)
Sophomores:  Sahanya (Children's Hospital), Mason (Peace Week) Anna B., Ellie (Perfect Pair Drive for Homeless Alliance), Katherine S. (ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive)
Freshmen: ??? Ahmed H., Saadia N ???

Calendar:  10 minutes
Miranda and Isaiah will talk about calendar proposed by Strategic Planning Team.  They will also have a survey for MLK Day service experience. MD/LD will go to the Food Bank ( 8 years old-99 years old )

2016-2017 Calendar
Why? Participating in the Community to Improve Lives
Theme: Environment

YAC meetings

Planning Team
Mondays, 7:30 am-7:50, Harper

YAC Full membership
Tuesdays at Activities
Required: 1st and 3rd Tuesday
August:  Welcome Back Month- Planning Team meetings
August 6th, Bennett Athletic Center, 2:00 pm: Organizational meeting.   Service-Learning Open Houses: New Teachers, New Students
Clubs Fair,
8/16 Faculty @ Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma,
8/22 Organizational meeting at Harper 1:15-2:30 pm
8/29, 7:30 am: Planning Team Organizational Meeting.

September: Peace Month
Peace Week 11 Days of Global Unity (9/11-9/21 IDP)
-9/8 Service Learning and Peace Week at all chapels
-9/10 Volunteer Experiences
Out of Darkness Walk 9:00-12:00
Connecting Steps to Rythm 2:00-3:00
-9/11 National Day of Service and 9/18
3-5 Screening of Peace One Day @ records
-9/17 Day of Kids at Boys and Girls Club 9:00-4:00
-9/22 Clubs Fair - Chapel speech
-9/24 Oklahoma Standard Training and Peace Walk
10:30-1:00 Oklahoma Standard Training at OKC Memorial and Museum
2;00-3:00 OKC Peace Walk at Myriad Gardens
-9/25 Interfaith Youth Tour 1:00 PM
-9/27 Food Bank: Tips for Food Drive
-9/30 Fall Fest:

October: Stop Hunger Month
October 20: Food Drive Speaker, October 24-28: Hunger Week: Casady Cans Do Food Drive; OKC Regional Food Bank service days: October 28: Make a Difference Day; Service Day at Food Bank

November;  Family Volunteering Month
Family Volunteer Day: November 18,2017, Miranda’s Project?

December: Holiday Volunteering
Holiday Volunteering,
Health Project: Blood Drive; 6-10th TBC by Coach T.
ICS  Hope for the Holidays Drive  November 29-December 12, 2017


January:  National Day of Service Month
Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A Day ON Service, Monday, 1/16/2017
-Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma for LD/PD

February: Kindness Month
- Random Acts of Kindness Week
- Recycling

March: End Economic Insecurity Month
Perfect Pair Project, Homeless Alliance Drive,

April: Service Celebration Month
April 3-8: OKC Arts Festival,
? STUCO Walk-A-Thon:
Presidential Service Awards:
Global Youth Service Days: April 28-30,  
Run to Remember
Fedex Time Strategic Planning 2017-18

May:  Send Off Month
Senior send off, and thank you volunteers social May 1-12: AP’s

June: Strategic Planning
FedEx Time Strategic Planning 2017-18 via Skype or Google Hangout ;

July: Peace Week Planning
Peace Week Planning via Skype or Google Hangout.
YAC Meeting Minutes by Katherine
Who Attended:  Board Members: Mrs. Clay (Sponsor), Isaiah Levingston (President) , and Katherine Schoeffler (Secretary, Recording)
Where? Harper (Mrs. Clay's office) Monday, August 22nd 1:15-2:00 pm
Time to meet: 7:30 Monday mornings
Conclusion: Test out different meeting times
After Katherine left, a suggestion for agenda for the first board meeting by set by Isaiah and Mrs. Clay